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  1. To bring this module up, send the artwork to a Cutfile, click Edit in the Cut Documents window. Available in VinylMaster PRO, DSR and XPT.
  2. Vinyl Master Pro Product Key

    Please take a look at the FAQs: VinylMaster FAQs
  3. issues after update

    Overcut is in the Cut Options (tab) of the Vinyl Spooler and is in every level of the software.
  4. That model must be set to Direct COM in the Vinyl Spooler and may also need the emulation changed. Please see this guide for: How to Setup a Chinese Vinyl Cutter Please see this guide for: How to Setup Emulation (Plotter Language)
  5. Cant find psn location

    There are four (4) ways to retrieve your PSN, as follows: (1) If you have bought the software, or installed an update anytime after October 2017 your PSN is now available from the About Window. To open About ckick the Help (menu) in the main window and then click About. (2) If your software is older than October 2017, you can find your PSN using Windows Explorer on your computer: Open Windows Explorer and navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\FutureCorp and you will see the name of the program, open this folder and double click on DefaultPaths.INI For example: C:\Program Files (x86)\FutureCorp\**Name of your Software**\DefaultPaths.INI If you have installed to another hard drive on your computer such as D or E etc. then substitute that drive letter with C:\ (above) Inside DefaultPaths.INI You will see this information near the bottom of the data: PSN= The number listed is your PSN. (3) If you have not activated the software, then only USCutter will have your PSN and you must contact them to retrieve your PSN. (4) If you do not have access to your computer, you can request to retrieve your PSN, please fill in this form: Request to Retrieve PSN
  6. Printing in order

    The Extras were last updated a few months ago so it should be okay.
  7. Printing in order

    You can download the program at any time from the original webpage you were given. These sites are updated all the time.
  8. Printing in order

    Download and install the update.
  9. Printing in order

    You can set the cutting order here and even watch a preview of the cutter's blade cutting:
  10. Merry Christmas

    Wishing everyone here a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Future Corp. Be good to each other
  11. Vinylmaster LTR

    Please see this guide and this video:
  12. Please see this guide: My artwork is cutting at the Wrong Size?
  13. SVG importing

    Our focus has been on improving the importing of SVG files which have been exported from CorelDRAW. We are now turning our attention to Adobe Illustrator and other popular programs. The flag example (above) is using a pen style (stroke) to create the illusion of stripes which is perfect for printing but not suitable for cutting. So, in order to cut this out - the outer perimeter of pen style would have to be converted into curves. This can be done in VinylMaster PRO and DSR. Please send any problem SVG files you have to so we have a large sample set of SVG examples from as many programs as possible.