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  1. Accessing glyphs

    If you have PRO or above you can insert them using this tool: Else, use Alt+ and then enter the code, so for example if you wanted a pound symbol, click in text mode in the design area, hold the Alt button and type 0163 and £ will appear. 0128 for a € etc. See this site for more detail: |
  2. Really depends which level you have? USC sells 4 levels, please see this website which explains LTR, PRO and DSR:
  3. Reinstall the software and check Install Thumbnail Previewer on the last installation window. See if that helps.
  4. Tip: write to to be placed on a mailing list to get a coupon code and save on your upgrade.
  5. Photos of the original disc and dongle would be accepted.
  6. Please use this form:
  7. VinylMaster Cut V4.0 full

    In the Help (menu) > About does it state it is a USCutter edition of VinylMaster - if not, it will not have a vectorizer.
  8. There is a free upgrade to Sign Blazer here: Upgrade to VinylMaster LTR from Sign Blazer for free Note: You must have proof of ownership such as an invoice or receipt.
  9. Yes you will need to break the curve apart at the points which suits the artwork. This is all done in node edit mode. Make sure you work in wireframe and turn the objects fill off here:
  10. If you trace an object like this it will have an inside path and an outside path since it is a pen or a stroke. To have a single curve, select the object and from the Curve (menu) click Break Apart and then delete the path you do not wish to keep and you will be left with either inside or outside curve (path).
  11. getting an error message

    You must be logged in as the same User who installed the software and that User must have full Administrator rights to write to the Windows registry.
  12. I upgrade fron cut to ltr and everything still loads up as cut after I download from the link the gave me that says download vinylmaster ltr. Do I need to uninstall the old one first?

    1. VinylMaster


      No just use your new PSN when installing. 

    2. Beavis97


      Ok.. Thank you. I found that I copied the wrong PSN down and used the old one again. LOL

  13. how to cut multi colors with VM? Help

    This is the update as mentioned: VinylMaster USCutter Edition Update
  14. how to cut multi colors with VM? Help

    There is an issue with tracing white in certain artwork in the current build (it is not the previous builds), which is being fixed and will be in the next update which is expected to release next week.
  15. Hit (press) the + key with the object selected to make a perfect copy. Alternatively, press duplicate form the first row of tools. Then move it off using the arrow keys. But set Nudge first to whatever moves it off enough for the size you are working with.