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  1. Hello, I'm trying to cut vinyl for a stencil.  The font I'm using has too much space above and below it so it won't fit.  Any ideas how to get rid of the spacing above and below so that I can get my phrase with the box around it cut?  I would so appreciate any help to cut this out!! Thank you!!



    1. midwestmomm
    2. midwestmomm


      second picture shows the text when i click on it

    3. midwestmomm


      Hello I'm still looking for help with this project. 


  2. VinylMaster

    Cameo 4

    Yes it should be fine from all our testing to date
  3. VinylMaster

    Nudge setting

    This is managed in User Settings or Preferences. Please click the Help (menu) > Help Topics in the software to bring up the manual. You can use the Keyword search to find the topic that relates to this issue and/or expand out the folders to drill down to the topic. Search: Nudge
  4. Tiling is in VinylMaster PRO and DSR and not LTR.
  5. I am trying to cut with registration marks and cut wizzard. After I align my marks up and select print, the rollers just keep rolling the paper out and the blade goes from left to right. How do I fix?

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      Is that cutter from UScutter?  If so, it doesn't have a laser on it. I have never seen anyone be able to do it with a MH vinyl cutter from Uscutter.  Good luck


    3. kaoticspeed


      Yes it is. That is my issue. Thank you for your help. I appreciate you. If you have any ideas how to work around this without buying another cutter I would appreciate the info.




      Your welcome,  but I wouldn't know.  

  6. VinylMaster

    Registration marks

    If you make your own registration mark or marks you do not use the Registration Marks in Send to be Cut. When you send the artwork the registration mark or marks you made will appear on each color layer. You can then use these marks as a layout guide. For example, 3 circles with one square registration mark:
  7. VinylMaster

    Registration marks

    Draw out any object/shape you like and just set it to a Registration color from the right side toolbar and it will appear on every cut color.
  8. Go to the Calibration tab in the Vinyl Spooler and run through the Blade Offset wizard.
  9. VinylMaster

    Vinyl master crossgrades ?

    Read this:
  10. This can be caused by a scale mismatch. In other words the units per inch or per mm, set in the cutter are different to the units set in the Software. Small Scale Errors (10% or less) For small scaling errors, use the Cutter Scale (utility) in the Vinyl Spooler under the Calibration tab that will assist you to set the correct scale. Large Scale Errors (10% or more) Large scaling errors can be corrected in the Vinyl Spooler. You can open the Vinyl Spooler from the File (menu) > Cut/Plot > Vinyl Spooler. When you have the Vinyl Spooler open (press F2) or click the Cutter (menu) > Configure Cutter. In the window that comes up, select Units (on the left side), and then adjust the Device Units per mm. The industry default is 40.0 units per mm. If you have a cutter that works in 1000 units per inch then set the Device's units per mm to 39.37 and try a test cut. Half Scale Errors (cutting at around 50% or half size) For scaling errors where the cutfile cuts at around half of the design size, this can be corrected in the Vinyl Spooler. You can open the Vinyl Spooler from the File (menu) > Cut/Plot > Vinyl Spooler. When you have the Vinyl Spooler open (press F2) or click the Cutter (menu) > Configure Cutter. In the window that comes up, select Units (on the left side), and then adjust the Device Units per mm. Set this to 100.0 units per mm and try a test cut. Trial by Error You can experiment with a 1 inch or 25mm square and adjust the units accordingly. For example if the cutter cuts a 1 inch or 25mm square at 0.5 inch or 12.5mm then (half size) then set the Units to 80 units per mm. If it cuts double the size at 2 inches or 50mm, then set the units to 20 units per mm and so on.
  11. Repeat cutting over the same cutfile is usually because of the following reasons: The artwork has been duplicated i.e. there is a perfect copy of the artwork on top of itself. By using the Object Manager from the Design Center (right side of program) you can see all the objects. Also, select the artwork and press delete, if it remains then there was a duplicate and there maybe more than one. This can happen when artwork is selected and pressing the + key or Duplicate button from the toolbar. Passes in the Send to Cut module has been set to 2 or more. Some cutters have an option to Repeat cut. Removing duplicates, settings passes to 1 or setting Repeat cut off should resolve this issue.
  12. VinylMaster

    vm versions

    You need the software to be installed and it is automated. Note: FireFox does not work with this form. Use Edge or Chrome.
  13. VinylMaster

    Import image but I can't cut it

    Error: Nothing to Cut? If you receive this message it will be because you are attempting to cut out an image (photo or bitmap). Images cannot be cut out because they are made up of very small colored squares (pixels) that form a picture when viewed from a distance. These pixels cannot be cut out because there are no vector paths for the blade to follow. As such, images must be Vectorized (traced) so the resultant vectors can be cut out with a vinyl cutter. Solution To do this is easy by selecting the image within the software and clicking the Vectorize button from the second row of tools or from the Images (menu) and using this specialist module to convert an image into cuttable vectors. If you do not have the Vectorizer you may need to upgrade your software to a higher-level of the software.
  14. VinylMaster

    Software Update Issue

    Lodge a ticket for support here:
  15. Depends which supplier you purchased it from? Which edition you have? If from USCutter please go here: