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  1. Annoyingly, many anti-virus engines who have not encountered that file before, attempt to guess if it is a virus or not, which occasionally leads to them reporting a false positive. If you check at Virus Total You will see the update is not reported by 68 virus checkers. If you are at all concerned please download the full version of 4.2 from here: VinylMaster Full Version
  2. VinylMaster

    vm versions

    The predominate difference is that VinylMaster CUT has a basic vectorizer in the USCutter edition whereas the Future Corp version does not. Also, the USCutter edition comes with drivers based on the cutters USCutter sells whereas the Future Corp version includes them all built in. However, there is a downloads page that includes over 5000 drivers for the USCutter edition here: As such, and excluding the vectorizer for CUT the differences are minimal.
  3. VinylMaster

    Vinylmaster XPT V4.0

    You can download the latest build 24/7/365 from here: Note: this is only for PSNs that start with 114, 115, 116, 117, 131 VinylMaster Downloads
  4. Set it to Direct USB. If this fails, then lodge a ticket with support to narrow down the issue as it will be some communications error at some point.
  5. VinylMaster

    Error opening output file

    Some suggestions: Ensure that the laptop is connected to power (to ensure full power for the USB) Use a shorter USB cable Try a different USB port on the laptop
  6. VinylMaster

    upgrading to ltr ?s

    You can download the latest build from here anytime: VinylMaster USCutter Edition - Downloads
  7. VinylMaster

    upgrading to ltr ?s

    It depends which edition you have? Is it the USCutter edition?
  8. VinylMaster

    upgrading to ltr ?s

    The best way to avoid this is not to have too many very high-resolution images all open at the same time. If you must work with very high-resolution images keep it to one document and as few as possible.
  9. VinylMaster

    Icon Missing - Help

    The program is context sensitive so it depends if a selected object can be outlined or whatever to see the tool or features you wish to use. If it cannot be then the button will not appear.
  10. Install the latest build.
  11. VinylMaster

    Page Background Color

    Yes that is correct, PRO and above. Please see:
  12. VinylMaster

    Text Flows

    In order to see/use the Arc Text tools you may need to click on the Hide/Reveal arrow (blue color) as show below/attached (this pops the tools out). Also, you must be in Arc Text mode (also shown below/attached) to see/use the Arc Text tools.
  13. Click this button:
  14. VinylMaster

    Nest to pabe by color

    Best to provide a screenshot of what you are trying to achieve as your post can be read in different ways.