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  1. Modtour4

    Can't find this

    Found it Minister Std Blk
  2. Modtour4

    Can't find this

    I've used find my font but can't find this font, anyone have an idea? Renovations.pdf Thanks Russ
  3. Modtour4

    Need help with this.

    You guys are the best!!!!! Thank you so much!
  4. Modtour4

    Looking for help with this font

    I understand the legs on the N & A are stretched but any help on the font itself would be great! Thanks in advance. Russ
  5. Modtour4

    Need help with this.

    David, Thanks so much for your reply. I told her pretty much what you said...I can get you close but it won't be perfect. She tried to get in touch with the original designer but hasn't heard back. I agree that the shadow should go and reduce to a few colors. I also know that the fonts are a mix of a couple of different fonts. I'll continue to work on it. Thanks again for your help. Russ
  6. Modtour4

    Need help with this.

    I need this to be vectored from png to eps. Can anyone help me out? My niece works for them and they have asked if I could do something for them but I can't get it to come out in a usable form. Thanks in advance. Russ
  7. Modtour4

    One more

    Find my font doesn't find it, maybe because it's skewed? Thanks for the help Russ
  8. Modtour4

    Looking for font

    Ok, thanks Russ
  9. Modtour4

    Looking for font

    I used Find My Font and it showed this: Regulator (Regulator *Oblique) / [Nick-Curtis / (Commercial)]. When I click on it, i"m redirected to the Find my Font page that shows the font information. When I click on Publisher, it takes me to Nick's Fonts but there is really nothing there. When I click on Buy From, it takes me to another page but the font doesn't show up. I really need this font to finish a project. Can anyone help me out in finding this font. Thanks Russ
  10. Modtour4

    GS-24 help

    Sorry, didn't mean "print", should have said "cut".
  11. Modtour4

    Hard Shadow

    Trying to figure out how to add the black hard shadow like on this; Any ideas? Russ CT.eps
  12. Had to print something 42" long. Have a roll loaded. Pushed button for roll, Would not print all of the graphic, stopped after about 36" How do I set it to print something as long as I need? Thanks for any help. Russ
  13. Modtour4

    Font help

    WIldgoose, Found it!!!!!!! It's Brock, skewed to 30 degrees. Thanks Mark & Wildgoose. Hope this helps someone else. Russ
  14. Modtour4

    Font help

    Sorry for the screwup! Did the link I posted not work? Thank you for the suggested font. Russ
  15. Modtour4

    Font help Can find close but have to work it every time. Thanks Russ