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  1. Lucky90210

    Software Help

    I'll definitely reach out to them for assistance, thanks bud
  2. Hell yeah, there's almost too much info, I'm overloading myself. Great though
  3. Woah, I just started that explains me always being in the Help Sections
  4. How long have you been doing This for Mz ?
  5. Excuse my French lol, She... I thought Mz was an abbreviation for something else
  6. Listen to Mz SKEETER, he knows what he's talking about
  7. Okay, I have SignCut Productivity Pro, and your plotters driver are here so you should get it. They have a trial version, I suggest that just to see if it detects your machine.
  8. What's software programs do you have to cut ?
  9. Lucky90210

    Software Help

    Wildgoose, I installed SignCut, Found my manufacturer (Master), but my cutter isn't there. Any clue as to which other drivers might work for it ?
  10. Lucky90210

    Software Help

    I'll definitely try that WildGoose, I'll let you know how it goes
  11. Lucky90210

    Software Help

    Yes I have, I'm gonna wait till I purchase the Serial to Serial. I'm done with it for now, thanks for all the advice & I will let you guys know how it goes when I receive the new cable
  12. Lucky90210

    Software Help

    Thanks bud, is there anything else I can try ?
  13. Lucky90210

    Software Help

  14. Lucky90210

    Software Help

    This is what appeared on the plotter, and it just makes a loud noise while being stationary
  15. Lucky90210

    Software Help

    From what I've read the past few hours, support doesn't really help. The solution to my problem is in this forum, I know it is. I put the port settings exactly the same in both "Device Manager & Flexi " but still doesn't do anything.