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  1. Thanks - I have been on and read, looked at the videos - on both of these sites. I was just hoping that someone else had the same issue as I do but with a solution.
  2. US Cutter Laserpointer 2. ------------------------------------------- Drivers - I looked at every USB Host port - and I did not see the name of my cutter related to either port. I have downloaded the drivers - but I still don't know how to install them. I guess I could uninstall each USB Host port and see if the drivers will install. However, you would think if the drivers are not installed the cutter would not work, correct? ---------------------------------------- Contour cutting - I understand printing the registration marks - and jogging over to each mark - but you can't truly tell if you are directly on the mark. Also, must you do this each time you want to contour cut a project? -------------------------------------- Thanks!!!!
  3. I have never understood or used this feature - since I had the cutter. Actually, the machine has been idle for years. However, I have tried resetting - holding down reset and the right arrow - I got the 'ok' several times - choose 'on' - but don't get a light (I have attempted it over seven times) - the carriage moves - everything but no light. I don't know if the drivers are installed (I have downloaded them but I don't see an executable file, and I don't know which USB Host is related if any to the cutter). I am using SCAL Pro 3 or 5 software and I don't know how to use it to install the drivers- I can print and cut, and cut only - my issue is the laser's light. I don't remember ever seeing a light. So, is there a way you can tell/know if the laser's light is damaged or not working. Also, which USB Host is related to the cutter - I have at least six options. Windows XP Professional ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- What's the purpose of the fuse? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How do you install the drivers? Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Hello, I am Ila Bryant

    I have had an USCutter Laserpoint for about two years now, and I don't know what I am doing. As far as creating the registrations marks on project; using the laser on the cutter and why; contour cutting; and how to start a business with the cutter (been unemployed for a year now-fyi). I have attempted to sell some of my works on Ebay, no bites. I have looked at many videos on YouTube; they did help. However, I have not found one that really starts from the beginning to the ending of vinyl cutting. Beginning with determining what size my mat should be; how to determine the size of font to use; determining the speed of the machine and the PRS; what does local, test and copy means on the machine itself; blade offset; overcut; job distance and etc. It would be great if USCutter will make such a video for true NOVICES. I don't know if this is the purpose of the introductions forum. Greatly appreciative