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    not cutting center of letters

    Thank you Don
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    Sign Blazer Help PLEASE!!

    FYI- If you ever move again, you must use THE EXACT SAME USB PORT that you were using before, not just in the software, but the same HOLE in the computer too, otherwise you will have to start all over....yeah only one way to know that tidbit of information....SMH ( acouple of hours of MY life i'll never get back...
  3. rpguns

    not cutting center of letters

    Hi a customer has a logo that they want cut. I tried to cut it (Imported as .EPS) but it wont cut the center of the letters IE A,B D, etc... They told me it was created in Photoshop (I don't have photoshop) The file is a .EPS file. I put their logo into Corel Draw , and "converted to vector" and it shows up with the center of the letters not cut again! Has this happened to anyone (with signblazer?) is there an option somewhere to tell signblazer to cut the centers out of the letters (someone told me flexi has an option "with holes / without holes".... any help is appreciated!