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  1. Been out of the game for a while. What would you guys price these for a quantity of 150 for each size? Ill be using Oracal 651 in white. 8”x1.5” & 12”x2”
  2. decalsdirect954

    Need help to identify two fonts

    may be willing to pay someone to just trace it clean?
  3. decalsdirect954

    Need help to identify two fonts

    tried finding the two fonts in the design but it always gives me a font thats totally off. Would totally appreciate it if someone can help me out! Thanks!
  4. Does any one else have the problem of clear transfer tape only picking up black and white oracal 651, and not any other color? I have a order of 100 red decals, and once i taped it up and thought I was finished, none of the letters came up with the tape. I tested it with white and black and it lifts up fine. I then tried it with green and it wont pick it up. Now I have to manually peel every decal before I ship it out, what a pita.
  5. Just starting this week my cutter has been dove tailing almost all letters and it makes it super hard to weed sometimes, any tips on how to fix this?
  6. decalsdirect954

    Is this a actual font or a handmade design

    sweet, I appreciate it!
  7. decalsdirect954

    Is this a actual font or a handmade design

    not sure as to why the pictures are messed up
  8. decalsdirect954

    Is this a actual font or a handmade design

    My customer wants something done in this font but I cant find it, is it handmade?
  9. Here is the image i am cutting out, it is a dual layer decal so im cutting it in two separate pieces. Right before it finishes cutting the full design it will veer off and cut a line right under the image, which is shown by the red line (the red is not actually part of the decal, it was put there so you can visualize where it cuts the line).... it will keep on going over that line until i hit reset on the cutter. I've restarted the program, restarted the cutter, and recreated the design but no luck. I am behind on orders too so I need some help ASAP thanks.
  10. decalsdirect954

    Need font help

  11. decalsdirect954

    Need font help

    Can someone help me find this font? Any help is greatly appreciated
  12. decalsdirect954

    Where to buy vinyl wraps.

  13. decalsdirect954

    Glow in the dark vinyl not glowing?

    I just got my vvivid glow in the dark vinyl in the mail and it isnt glowing in the dark, wierd. Has this happened to anyone? Or does it start glowing after a while?
  14. I will be doing my first application job in a couple days. How much do I charge for 2 cars? I also will be applying this on the front door on each side, so 3 separate signs in total per car. The file just isn't opening for some reason.
  15. Hey everyone, just lately my sc series has been cutting a very long line on the right side of the vinyl that I am using. It goes from the start (bottom) to the end (top) of the design just like 2mm from the design itself. I will post pictures if necessary. Does anyone have this problem?