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  1. Hi All, Just started cutting laminated vinyl. When cut, they were all off about 1/4" in the x-axis. Noticed this on a couple of sheets. The largest sheet was 30"w x 54" l. Waited 24 hours before any lamination. After this failure, did another test. Printed 2 identical sheets, both 30" x 40" misc. sizes and shapes of decals. Took one off the printer and took it to the cutter. Every decal cut perfectly. Took the other sheet, laminated and was off again by the 1/4" starting with the first cut. (Did not wait to off gas as this was only a test.) I used Oracal 3621 with Oracal 210 in all cases. The FC-8600 is set up with 3 rollers set to medium pressure. Anyone have any ideas what I may be doing wrong or to try next?