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  1. Hello, Hoping you can offer me advice. I have a Graphtec CuttingProFC-2100 60A plotter that uses a parallel connector (DB25, I believe, I will post a photo of the cable I’m using). Since OS 10.11 came out, my adaptor no longer works and there is no hope for a new driver from Tripplite (who now owns the Keyspan line). I need to get rid of the adaptor somehow... I’m wondering if there is a cable I can buy to go from the parallel port on my plotter to USB on my computer? I’ve been using an iMac with a Keyspan serial-to USB adaptor, but it’s not optimal. The Serial-to-USB cable I created years ago. I’d like to know the pin-outs so I can make a cable that will work with no adaptors. Is it possible? Thank you in advance. -Fred