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    Adhesive removal

    I recently purchased the vinyl remover (link attached) and had no problem getting the vinyl off. I was actually very impressed. BUT now I have no idea how to remove the adhesive! Ive tried heating it up, googone, wd-40 and washed with soap & cold water. Is there any way to get this off??? I have 6 shirts that need to be completed ASAP! Can anyone help??
  2. stenzelperformance

    Adhesive removal

    Second time around it worked! Thank goodness.
  3. stenzelperformance

    Adhesive removal

    Ill give it another try and hope that it works Thanks for the warning, I most definitely used it outside and will do.
  4. stenzelperformance

    Adhesive removal

    Unfortunately the shirts are not $2 they are $8 each and they have a very large detailed graphic on the back. I wish they were cheap shirts.
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    In Memory

    From the album: Vinyl fun

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    Vinyl fun

    Some of my work
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    The Little Speed Shoppe

    From the album: Vinyl fun

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    PR Racing

    From the album: Vinyl fun