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    Stamped leather

    With all the stamped leather in the gallery ( Vinyl & Leather forum ??? ) I have been thinking more about that type of stuff . My Mom used to do that when I was a kid . I know Bear does it.. anybody else Tandy might be getting some of my money . Hmmm , I was really enjoying those nice heart shaped decals in the gallery !!!
  2. I did replace a pinch roller earlier this year , but can't remove them now . It seems the black part on the backside is blocking the pinch roller from coming out . I am afraid of breaking something . The last pinch roller was broken , so I took it apart to get it out ... I finally got the new 1 to slide in but am stumped right now . I'll call USCutter when I get a landline again ( I'm fighting with Comcast now ) . My cell phone does not get service at my home . Anybody got any experience to share Thanks
  3. Rodger

    Tracing Your Photos of Copyrighted stuff

    " My take on " Hardley Davidson " ( quote feature won't work ) is " Hardley Ableson " . I have had fun with the Harley crowd and buddy's for a long time . I tell them that they call them Harleys instead of motorcycles because they don't have enough motor ... I like fast sport bikes , but have owned Harleys . 1 I should have kept was a special paint edition V-Rod that was red with gold flames that had 750 miles on it ( out the door price was $26K and I bought it for $8K . A 2003 100 year anniversery model I bought in 2012 ) . A buddy offered me a $2 profit and he owns it still .
  4. Rodger

    So How Old Are You Really?

    Body is 58 , mind is still 18 . Body wins out most of the time . My doctor told me last visit that I was in VERY good condition ....... for a 94 year old . My body constantly reminds me of the motorcycle racing , fighting , accidents etc I have experienced . I never intended to turn in a good body , i want as much use as I can get out of it !!!
  5. Rodger

    Black Friday Sale

    I find that Funny Skeet . I have had episodes like that , but not for a whole year
  6. I maintain my own vehicles also . I am a welder and structual steel inspector amongst many other occupations ( Rodger of all trades , master of none ) , so structual strength is a constant observation for me . A 1995 vehicle is not that old , Michigan must rust them out much more quickly than most states .
  7. As much as I hate how much of a scam Md inspection for vehicles can be , the inspection station usually always catch problems like described . Once inspected , never needs inspection again . WV requires an initial and a yearly inspection , but it seems if it stops within the parking lot and has lights it passes . I had a Peterbilt tractor inspected and it took 5 minutes . Tn and many states ( Florida ) does not require having a used vehicle safety inspection . I am glad there was no horror story ending for you guys
  8. You must have missed the several posts that said Laura has not ever responded to the results and what some of us thought was the probable reason for the lack of response . I even called her phone # that was listed in 1 of her posts ... got her answering machine and left a message that was never returned . I find this thread hilarious as John calls it " the thread that never dies "
  9. ECHO , I hear an echo ... . Most people set their preferences to read all new posts , so no need to post same thing in different sections . You have my response in your other thread .
  10. Check and see if the holder is all the way down in it's clamp . If not tight , sometimes they push up some .
  11. Rodger

    2 more questions

    When my grand-daughter was born , I put a heart shaped decal with her info in it on the back glass of my wife's minivan . Right in the wiper area . We kept good blades on it and when I took it off 4 years later it was still in good shape .
  12. Rodger

    Door Magnet Price

    Was picking a truck at a body shop that had a space rented to a sign company . Just for reference , I asked how much to make a set of magnets scanned from my business card . $125 . Don't tell Stetty
  13. Rodger

    qe 60 error

    I would never leave feedback 1rst as a buyer . Not like the rating makes much difference as a buyer .
  14. Rodger

    qe 60 error

    While e-bay has always been pro-buyer like most companies/courts etc ... your credit card company is even more so . I use a credit card to buy on e-bay and have 30 days after getting billed to " dispute " any charge . 1 time I got a bill from a store in Austrailia .. seems " I " bought a surf board there ... took only a couple days to have that removed . I bought a 6 in 1 heat press from a store on e-bay years ago . Never got it . Seller said it was my problem once he had shipped it . Several days after disputing it with my credit card company and it was not my problem . The bad part of that is that any buyer can easily scam a seller using the same way . Anything of value , I would insist on a signature when delivered if selling .
  15. It is rebranded Flexi . It is SW's house software . It only supports cutters sold by SW . That is why I will need to send it to a cutting software . It is VERY impressive . I use the outline feature alot and it's outling is even better than SB .. which surprises me to admit that . I got my copy from a guy who owed me a bunch of money , so I did not spend a penny . With the amount of vinyl i cut , I could not justfy it's cost . SB does everything I want . I still have not given up on the evolved SB software being released . From the bits I have been told by the developers , I conclude getting a US distributor ( and agreeing on a price per copy ) is what the major hold up was . I crossed my fingers and eyes sometimes hoping for thr release .
  16. Rodger

    how to split text in half

    Would it be advised to overlap this some for future shrinkage ? Even the higher end vinyl shrink some .
  17. Rodger

    Crackhead of the Day

    I have only put 1 member on my ignore list . Seems they got butt-hurt and was constantly trying to get even . I used to enjoy the banter and it broke up the boredom , but got tired of it . I breeze past many members post . Some because of the drama they constantly post , some because of unethical actions . I tend to get over that sooner or later as I see they change , especially when I am bored .
  18. Rodger

    Crackhead of the Day

    Sometimes the curiosity tempts me , but I also am glad that there is an ignore list . I just say " Blah , Blah , Blah " in my head several times and figure I covered it Is there a way to find out who's ignore list I am on ? I imagine ( hope,wish ) I am on several
  19. Rodger

    Crackhead of the Day

    You should wait for 1 more vote . I replied to the Craigslist ad and shared this thread's addy . Cam might have a response about a couple things ... 1 being called a crack-head Something that might break up any boredom and promote consideration of other's perspectives
  20. Rodger

    Crackhead of the Day

    I understood what you said as you meant it the 1rst time i read it . Free enterprise has few rules . If you please the buyer , the sideliners/back seat drivers don't matter . The biggest rule is what you said in the last sentence
  21. Rodger

    Crackhead of the Day

    Hey CJ , your comment is funny !!! Like anybody here has better things to do ?? " discussions " like this is good as it lets all of us ponder each other's perspectives . I constantly adjust my perspectives about everything in life after new considerations . But ... some things become even more engraved after considering other's perspectives
  22. Rodger

    Crackhead of the Day

    Some people ( aka Craigslist cops ) need to pull their head out to where the sun shines . You cannot compare wholesale/cheapest/best place to buy ( USCutter ) to what everybody considers . IF the buyer takes the time/effort to search for a better deal , they will find one . If not , buying that might be satisfactory to them . Being a " Big Brother " is a hobby of some . I feel more than disdain for people like that , I feel pity as they don't seem to have a life of their own .. they try to run other's lives . Free enterprise is great . I see ads on Craigslist all the time where I think the seller is just inflating their ego because not much if any hope of selling the item . I belive in living and let live . The government enslaves us enough imo .
  23. Rodger

    Crackhead of the Day

    I have great disdain for those who flags ads that commit no harm . The ads that are a scam , I flag myself ( seem the scammers think some people advertise weird prices like $2346.47 for used stuff ) . Some people post/gripe/cry/complain/bitch on the local craigslist about people asking way too much money for used motorcycles etc . Just like this forum, if your time is so precious , skip ads/posts that are not your proverbial " cup of tea " . Those don't have to be read , let alone responded to . I could not practice that before , but now I let much stuff roll off instead of causing a reaction .
  24. Hey Bear , I have not been cutting much vinyl lately , but have not been using SCALPro . I am disappointed in the lack of response from Edge Craft ( 2 e-mails ) plus I got a copy of LXi Master and have played around with it some . I have not cut anything yet with it . I am going to have to send it to SB or SCALPro .. or dig up the Flexi Starter I have for cutting . I hope you enjoyed my little bit of humor .... I did
  25. Rodger

    Oh ya.......

    I am sure the clean cut blades cut better for longer , but being harder , they are more brittle . I bought up a hundred or 2 regular blades on e-bay a couple years ago for around $1 a set . . I would buy some clean cut blades if I ever found them cheap , but at around $15 each , no . BannerJohn , the administrator has posted he has always used the regular blades and has been satisfied , so that alone is good enough for me . Only the reflective vinyl takes a toll on blades , the regular vinyl is so soft , it doesn't wear the blades much at all .