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    Paper Feed

    Hello I just got my mh 871 mk2 cutter. I have gotten it all set up and things started going -smoothly, and then... I need help. For some reason now my cutter is advancing about a foot of vinyl before cutting. I use Vinyl Master Cut as that is what came with it. I might have changed a setting somewhere but I cant find it. Any help would be awesome. Thanx!!
  2. rossmarc

    Size or Function

    This blows. I just got paid and all the great starter kit deals are gone. Guess Ill just have to go without
  3. rossmarc

    Size or Function

    I was just looking to make a few stickers for friends and family and for my wife's crafting. I just figured for the same price I could get a machine better than a cricket or silhouette. If I could make money on the side that would be awesome but Im not looking to become a business. If for some reason it happens great
  4. rossmarc

    Size or Function

    Also where and how do I find out what to charge for jobs?
  5. rossmarc

    Size or Function

    Where do you order supplies and what type of app tape do you use?
  6. rossmarc

    Size or Function

    I dont have $600 + to get a top notch machine and a wife who keeps me on a budget Id have to have a way to prove to here the value of such a machine. Also as being completely new to vinyl I think the budget model is where Im going to have to get. What about this I found on ebay from USCutters Now it comes down to the 34" MH with supplies or the 25" SC without
  7. rossmarc

    Size or Function

    I might be able to round up the extra for the Laserpoint II but what all will I need to add to it to be able to use it? Like I said Im new at this. What all will I need to go with it and how am I going to make money with it like Slice says it will pay for it self. i had only thought about doing home projects. Any info on items, where to get supplies cheap, and how to make this into a small business to make money would be greatly appreciated
  8. rossmarc

    Size or Function

    Hi Im new to the vinyl cutting and am looking for a low price cutter. I was looking at the MH and SC series from US Cutters. Right now both the 28" MH and 25" SC are the same price. Which would you guy recommend getting. The MH comes with a starter kit which includes 5 colors of vinyl while the SC just comes with the starter kit that has 2 colors of vinyl. Should I go for the SC cutter that has contour cutting or get the larger MH?