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  1. Jepp, this is the way I actually do it now. It's just uncomfortable to create all the object, because you have to create and align it all manually. The matrix copy function should make this much easier and faster. In addition to this I've not yet tried how accurate the vinyl feeding works. So I don't whether it create gaps between the perforated and the normal cut, if it cuts all the lines first and then the circles on a meter vinyl. The point is, I still don't know why the cutter makes this unnecessary 5 seconds pause while switching the cutting conditions between the perforation and the normal cut and how to fix it or work around it using the matrix copy function. So, has anyone else has experience with this function?
  2. Nice idea, but unfortunally not applicable for this job. I need to declare it as perforated line, because of using the half-cut/die-cut perforation function. So that the vinyl layer is always full cutted and the carrier layer is just perforated. The red line should always be half cutted (just the vinyl layer). Like "Self-adhesive media, Perforation cut" in the following picture btw. that's my circle/line setup:
  3. Hello everybody, I'm using Grapthec Studio and I have two simple objects. A blue circle and a red line and I want to cut it with different cutting conditions. The blue circle with a perforation cut, and the red line with a normal cut. So far it's even working. Now, while cutting the plotter changes the conditions from the blue to the red one and this takes around 5 seconds. Is it possible to skip or accelerate this pause? Because, when I do this cutting with matrix copies, let's say 10x10 circles and lines, I'm waiting arround 10 minutes for the plotter just to change the cutting conditions...