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  1. davecantarero

    pain in the....... But looks good

    Dare I even ask for the file for the top logo? I'd love the decal for my laptop.
  2. Ok, i have a batch going out tomorrow. I'll post some pics if there are issues when the client receives them.
  3. Hey Everyone, I recently purchased a 34" MH Vinyl cutter and I am having imprint lines on my vinyl from the feed wheels. I have read other posts but none to seem to help fix the problem. These are a few things I have tried: I have loosened up the spring wheels on the feed wheels and the imprints almost tend to go away but then i have slippage on my design and it does not cut right and ruins the design. I loosened up springs and used a lower cutting speed and still nothing, still get slippage. Some others said on other topics when you peel the vinyl and stick it to something the feed lines will disappear, well that is definitely not the case because once applied they are still on the vinyl. My only 2 conclusions are: This is happening because its a "cheaper vinyl".... I am using the vinyl it came with on the starter pack. Are there different feed roller wheels I could use that are not textured? Maybe its those? I had a Vinyl cutter back in the day from Sign Warehouse and i never experienced this issue at all. Sorry for the post but I am just frustrated and I have people already wanting a few decals and I cannot give them decals with textured feed lines on them.
  4. davecantarero

    Hello from Florida

    Go Gators!
  5. davecantarero

    Hello from Florida

    I purchased a 34" MH Vinyl cutter about a week or so ago and figured I would get back into the swing of things with the plotter. I used to make signs and stickers about 8 years back and now am i picking it back up again. I wanted to say hello! Already started doing some designs for some friends and family! Cheers!