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  1. wilfong45

    Need help printing image

    oops sorry. roughly 7 inches long
  2. wilfong45

    Need help printing image

    I have a 24" plotter. I had a customer order something that needed printed about a year ago and someone on here did it for me. Well i have another order that i could do with my cutter, but itd be a whole lot smarter to have it printed. I was wondering if someone could quote me a price on 250 of these and 500. they will be pink and/or white. Thanks in advance!
  3. oops forgot the pic
  4. I have done alot of race cars and window stickers and small banners, but I had a customer want pricing on a 4x8 lighted sign for a car lot. I need help on pricing for this, I will be applying the vinyl also. thank you!
  5. wilfong45

    what is this font

    i need the number font sorry! the number only lol
  6. wilfong45

    what is this font

    i have hand drawn alot of fonts very similar to this. no dont tell me to just trace it. no shit. i can draw it myself. just want to know if there is a font for the 3d type look i cant find it anywhere and there is probably 10 cars with the font at my home track. Thank you in advance for any help!
  7. wilfong45

    Race car

    My dads new race car I lettered.
  8. wilfong45

    Number font help

    ya i made those numbers from a picture of the last car, i have the vector and everything for the number to cut it, i just wasnt sure if there was a font name for it. Thanks for the help
  9. wilfong45

    Number font help

    We have been using this number and style for about 7 or 8 years now. Someone has always done our vinyl until i bought the cutter last year, does anyone know what font this is if it is a font? We saw it on a car in a magazine and liked it so we copied it lol. Thank you!
  10. wilfong45

    First order from uscutter

    I bought a 24" cutter a little over a year ago from a business closing down. Came with ve lxi master software, about 20 discs of graphics, all the graphics for companies theyve ever done, and about 10 different colors of vinyl. I have always bought rolls as they were ordered, from a different website I was recommended to. I went to order 8 rolls monday and decided Id give uscutter a try. Not only was the overall price cheaper, but shipping was 20 dollars cheaper and it got here two days later! Couldnt be happier. +1 to uscutter lol
  11. thanks but already got it done lol, I knew you werent just trying to pick up business, but i had to get them done by tomorrow at noon. Its pretty simple when the only thing ive ever used is a cutter lol. Cut in large quantities, make a few registration marks and itll line up about 50 at a time. Didnt take long at all.
  12. I am not worried about doing the work. I bought the machine to do my own race car graphics and just do stuff for other local drivers and racing stuff. I made 100 little 3 color company stickers for an autograph session. Not bad at all once ya get it down
  13. I wasnt asking if it looks good as i could care less. Its exactly what the company gave me to do, its their company logo. Thanks for the help
  14. and all out of oracal 651
  15. its going to be all cut and layered. The lettering is about 1.5" tall.