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    Moving Flexi 10 to a new computer

    I may have misspoke. I read something off of the license agreement: I don't really know.
  2. signs in mn

    flexi installation problems

    snippets to help explain installation problems
  3. signs in mn

    Moving Flexi 10 to a new computer

    Alright I've discovered the issue. I called flexi support a few times before bringing the problem to this forum. On their phone message they ask which version of flexi you're using. If you push the option for 10 (which we are using) they tell you that phone support is only available to those that have the current version. So I just called them again and just pushed the option for flexi 12 and got a customer support rep on the line, explained my issue and he had no problem helping me out. I wasn't working for this company when they originally installed flexi and the paperwork associated with it was typed up by a previous employee. The customer service rep said we had a demo password. No wonder it would only install in demo mode. I gave the rep my dongle USER ID and he sent us a new password. Install worked and issue is resolved. Thank you very much for all of your insight. I appreciate the help. Hopefully this will help someone else out in the future.
  4. signs in mn

    Moving Flexi 10 to a new computer

    Unfortunately, SAI support will not offer support to anyone who isn't using the most current version of flexi.
  5. signs in mn

    Moving Flexi 10 to a new computer

    The software functions but in the demo mode we are unable to save files or cut.
  6. signs in mn

    Moving Flexi 10 to a new computer

    Okay. It's a new day. Thank you for the help. I have followed your instructions so far. The drivers were on the disc and I had to check a box in order to install them with the program. Are you able to view this??? After installation I end up at a screen where I still need to enter a password and choose my product. I enter the password and the box for demo mode is automatically checked. When I attempt to uncheck the box my password disappears and I have to cancel out and retry. I've chosen every product from the drop down list and still doesn't work. I am stumped.
  7. signs in mn

    Moving Flexi 10 to a new computer

    A dongle is required but I am not certain what you mean by sentinal drivers. It is not a cloud version.
  8. signs in mn

    Moving Flexi 10 to a new computer

    Hello Everyone, So I wonder if anyone else has had this problem. It seems like a really complex one to me. My company has moved to a new office and with the move my boss decided to switch Flexi 10 to a new computer. We had the new computer at the old office and before I started working here someone before me had tried to install the software onto this new computer. The software can only be installed on one computer at one time so it is only in demo mode right now. It has been uninstalled on the old computer and the key has been switched over. I uninstalled it from the new computer and reinstalled it but it still only boots in demo mode. How do I get the full version installed on this new computer? Any ideas? Thanks in advance.