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  1. I've had my cutter with vinyl master for about 3 months now and I want to try my hand at contour cutting. I looked up an outdated video on YouTube where the operator seems to work through it with no issues. However, after I import my images and go into the Contour cut wizard The program will not trace the image. I'm using .png images I created with Photoshop. I want to make Lego mini figure decals as shown in the pictures. Hopefully someone can help with this problem!
  2. Thanks a lot for your guys help! I had to set an origin that worked with the dimensions I was using.
  3. Hey, I just bought the USCutter laserPoint II and just installed my copy of Vinyl master cut. Before I cut on any vinyl material I wanted to make sure everything was working properly. I got my self a normal 8.5-11 piece of paper and loaded it in my cutter along with the pen attachment. I then went on my vinyl master cut software and setup my design to be cut (A simple Star Wars text x2). I made sure that the dimensions of the cut would fit the 11 inch width of my paper. I then confirmed my cut and the cutter was able to draw one of my designs within the paper but the other one was drawn off the paper and I had to stop the machine. I was wondering how I can confidently align my designs with the material that I am using. Any help at all would be great!
  4. Oh, okay I see. Do you know of an Illustrator plugin that is compatible with the US Cutter LaserPoint II cutter that I bought? Or can vinyl master work with ai files? Thanks for the response!
  5. I just bought the LaserPoint II vinyl cutter and was wondering about my cutting software choices. I know Illustrator very well and I have used the cutting master plugin at my school. Will this plugin connect with any type of vinyl cutter? I downloaded and installed it, but when I try using it no devices to cut show up. I installed the drivers via the setup web page but the device is still "unknown". I really don't want to use the Vinyl Master software that came with the cutter because I was hoping I could sell it online and get back a piece of my investment. If I have to use the Vinyl Master software to activate my cutter I will, but I don't think that is the case. - Sorry this is a bit of a two question post but I really want to get this thing started!