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  1. wabam

    Transfer Tape (Which Kind)

    All sounds like good advise to me. I use either the R-tape or the Transfer Rite but, I RARELY wet apply. I agree the MAJOR difference seems to be price.
  2. wabam

    Vinyl for Vehicles

    www.fellers.com www.signwarehouse.com
  3. wabam

    looking for vinyl

  4. wabam

    bass guitar

    Had a few lying around...lol Hope this helps. guitars.ai guitars.ai
  5. THANKS for the help anyway guys.... I got the customer to go for a simpler version I had.
  6. wabam

    bubbles in the vinyl!!!!!!!!!!!

    We SOMETIMES use wet application on sheet metal, etc.....However, we ALWAYS wrap dry!!!
  7. wabam

    help with vectorizing

    If You already have a bmp image then just select the item & click on trace bitmap. If not there is a "make a bitmap copy" funtion to convert your image...Then trace bitmap. Hope this helps!
  8. wabam


    Welcome from a HOT South Carolina!!!
  9. Here's the only one I have. It's in color though! Hope it helps! Darts.ai Darts.ai
  10. wabam

    cutting magnets

    I always Sharpied mine too but, Tater gave me a couple good ideas. I like the transfer tape tape backing idea....THANKS ! Gonna try that one!
  11. wabam

    Vinyl for Vehicles

    I do full vehicle wraps with either AveryEZ or 3M comply. This material is expensive for letter & decals so, I use Oracal 651 or 751, 3M 7125, or Avery A6 or A9 to make decals & magnetic signs. A lot of people have discovered good discount brands but, I stick to what I know, ya know?
  12. wabam

    could someone help me with clipart

    What kind of software are you using for your clip art? Inkscape is a good freebie that has a trace function. www.inkscape.org Other wise I think you need Corel or Adobe Illustrator or another sign software like Wincut, Flexi, Etc. Hope that helps !
  13. I need this Eastern Star logo vectorized so I can cut it in color....I can't seen to get it right. Can some help me?
  14. The star looks like this one.....Can anyone vectorize this in color?
  15. wabam

    looking to buy some vinyl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Fellers sells vinyl by the yard. Check out www.fellers.com