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  1. Hi, thanks for your input guys. As you have mentioned, would love to hear from those in the business! Thanks Slice & Dice, it looks like I may have to look into a business loan... what do these run in terms of cost to buy the machine and cost for ink? Dakota, thanks for your reply - in terms of ink costs for a machine like this, what would I be looking at? Thanks!
  2. Hello all, for a while now I have worked with stickers, decals and signage. Because of my interest in graphic design, and the contacts I have who work in the field and would be happy to work with me, I'd like to start a design and print business. I intend to be able to make business cards, flyers, banners, menus - anything that could be considered advertising really. Would a Roland print and cut machine do the job, or would I need something more specialised for business cards and the like? What could be accomplished with a traditional print machine? My budget realistically is around £7000/$9000 here in the UK. Thanks!
  3. Trillion

    Where to find these for sale in bulk?

    Thanks for your excellent reply! I should have mentioned that I am in the UK, so local sources would be perfect. However, if the shipping/import duty isn't too much I may be able to get some here.
  4. Hello guys, I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of where I might find something like this? I've been looking ALL day but I can't find anything suitable. I'm looking for just the sign board without the lettering, to sell on. Thanks!
  5. Hey guys, so I have some text I'll be reverse weeding, and since it will be quite small I'm not happy about the tiny little inner pieces of letters such as B or R, O, D, g, etc, and the chance of them not coming away with the transfer paper. Is there a way to join these to the outer section without having to manually edit each letter/number each time I do it? Attached pic shows roughly what I'm trying to accomplish, and if there isn't a way to do this then are there any suitable fonts you would recommend? Thinking about it though, any font with the inner piece joined would simply come away with the rest of the letter when reverse weeding, so I don't think this would work either Any ideas? Thanks
  6. Thanks guys. Do you know what I should search for when looking for this kind of stuff?
  7. Noted everything. Just a bit shaken and frustrated that's all. Time to work on some original stuff!
  8. OK so the stickers are a no-go without permission. I appreciate that and have learned from the experience! The question is why have I been targeted but other sellers can resume business as normal?!
  9. There's no need to respond in such an aggressive manner and with such rubbish. There are several larger businesses operating on Ebay selling these stickers and as I've explained I naively assumed this would be fine for that reason. I am not arguing that there's an issue now that I've read up on it, I'm simply confused at why other, larger sellers are allowed to continue operating selling the same decals that presented an issue for me. Break the law? Calm down mate, not exactly selling Cocaine on Ebay am I?
  10. I've done a bit of research and as far as I can tell only trademark is applicable here, and not copyright, since trademark covers logos and slogans, and copyright covers other stuff. I'm not certain that all of these designs are in fact trademarked. Please see: It refers to America, but I'm sure the rules are more or less the same here in the UK.
  11. I'm in the UK. It was a sticker similar to 'THE NORTH FACE' logo but instead of saying THE NORTH FACE it would say THE NORTH WEST or THE NORTH EAST etc. I completely accepted that since all of the other listings were removed too.
  12. It's definitely not that Mz Skeeter, because I had this problem with another item I was selling a few weeks ago and Ebay simply removed it and I haven't relisted it. This is Paypal specifically who have restricted my Paypal account receiving payments, and not Ebay.
  13. I see. Do you guys only produce original content then? I'd like to hear from people who have sold decals like the ones I'm trying to sell and how they went about doing it! I just want to know what channels I should go through to make sure I'm in the clear when it comes to this. Here is a listing which has sold slightly more than the particular item that I was selling which features several of the apparent copyrighted logos and icons that I was selling, and MORE: So that isn't legal, right?
  14. How do I make the distinction between what is and isn't copyrighted? I don't see the little C by many of the logos. Can we focus on the Quattro one for a second? I've looked up the trademark database and it only states vehicle parts and repairs. A sticker is neither of these. When I looked up Playstation, they had several trademarks covering anything you could think of. So it should be fine to sell the Quattro decals, right?
  15. I have found the trademark for Quattro here in the UK: It states: Class 12 Vehicles and constructive parts thereof. Class 37 Repair and maintenance of vehicles. Does this cover stickers?