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  1. Hello, we recently bought 8600-160 Graphtec cutter, with all recommended knifes, 6 pinch rollers, knife holder etc, but we still have problem in cutting 3M prismatic vinyl. We have problem on all 3 classes of 3M. Biggest problem we have is cutting circle, square ,and other bigger shapes (size 60x60 or 90x90cm). First question is does any1 know how to registrate marks? We know that prismatic vinyl can reflect data for sensor reading, but there must be a way to somehow machine reads marks and starts cutting. We have tried to manually position knife and make its Origin place, but it doesnt work, no matter what, it cuts out of shape at some point.Distortion by X (if it was supposed to be 60cm, it used to cut on 59cm) we fixed that by putting Distance adjustment in RIP by 1.15 and it works. So basically we have problem to make it read marks, or align vinyl very properly or whatever is the issue so drawaing for cutting in RIP matches on vinyl, without going out of shape. If any1 using it for cutting prismatic 3M viny please help us out. That is our main job, so if it can't handle it we will need to return machine. Thanks in advance