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    Hello from the UK

    Hi ya new to the forum new to printing and vinyl and hope to learn a lot from the forums
  2. Thanks guys I got brand new pack of blades guess ill just keep them for some other time. And ill see what I can find today in town in the way off lubricant then. The unit is just about brand new the only bad thing on it was the laser witch was dead. But $2 laser and 30 min later I got the new laser fitted
  3. Hay all I got my self a creation Pcut cto630 and just have a couple of questions or you that I hope you guys can answer 1 ) most of the time the carriage will go to the right after a cut and hit the reset switch why is this and anyway to stop it ?. 2 ) Is there a way to make the pinch rollers slide more easy as there really hard to move. Now couple of random question if you don't mind 1) I bought some new 45D blades but there to big there Roland type am I right to think I need 1.5mm ? 2) The Cto is a 24 inch cutter would it help if I was to add a extra couple of pinch rollers to the unit ? Thanks all
  4. FlexUK

    Hello from the UK

    Thanks all. Slice&dice yea it is used a lot but by the older generation or the posh people. Not your average every day jo
  5. Thanks buddy nice one I was going to use wd40 but did no think it do much good on plastic. Ill place a order for a pinch roller then get 3 on the go