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  1. castironrobbie

    Lxi issue.

    Solved. Totally was an image issue. I changed the file type. It was a simple clip art. Worked like a charm. Thanks man
  2. castironrobbie

    Lxi issue.

    Thanks gonna give it another whirl. It's fine test cutting. No issues with depth then actually cutting a graphic it's just going over and over. Maybe an issue with that particular graphic?
  3. castironrobbie

    Lxi issue.

    Hey ya'll trying out lxi because I can't find my SCAL info. Anyway it's troubling me. The software makes my machine cut over the same lines 4 times and just shreds right through the vinyl. Any advice?
  4. castironrobbie

    Linux Mint Assistance Needed

    This sounds like the most horrible thing ever. I think I might just buy a cheap laptop running windows. Thanks for the reply
  5. castironrobbie

    Linux Mint Assistance Needed

    Hello, my desktop was recently having troubles so I installed the linux mint operating system as windows was a crash fest. Now I can't figure out how to install the software I need to cut using my r-series. I know the recommended is Inkcut for Inkscape, but I can't get the extension to install. I tried visicut as well with no result. Can anyone offer up any assistance? Not urgent. Just would like to be able to use my machine at some point on this OS. Thanks a bunch
  6. castironrobbie

    HTV recommendation?

    Man thats a ton of work. I have a lot to learn. Like I said so far so good. Had a good day the past couple days. Anything to not have to go back to working for someone else. I never really got big into signage. Which I wanted to, but I just kind of steered this way. On a side note do you do facebook ads at all? My local supplier told me to try it out, but I am not sure how it works. If so, any results? Would you recommend? Anyone?
  7. castironrobbie

    HTV recommendation?

    I hear you on that. I want to get a one color set up going when I get ahead alittle. I sell a lot of the same design. It's hard to weed 15+ shirts everyday with Siser. Oof. It is unbeatable though for those intricate designs. It's honestly unbelievable what I am able to do with it. I like to order online because it's cheaper, but even when I have to run to a local I pay the extra for easyweed over their brand because of it's ability to create this tiny images. It's funny, I was doing so well with t-shirts, but this week is hella slow. And my decal business is supppperrrr slow. Not sure whats happening. It was my first orders of shirts this past month going out, so maybe customers who haven't gotten theirs yet are waiting on buying more until they get there's in? Who knows. I hope it picks up again though. I felt pretty great!
  8. castironrobbie

    Vehicle Lettering

    Since buying my first plotter I have come a long way. If you look back at my first few posts on here many laughs can be had at trying to figure it out. Since I have done pretty well and made some pretty cool decals for weddings, yard signs, now apparel, but want to try to get into vehicle lettering. Do you have any advice for getting started? It doesn't seem like practicing on a customers vehicle is a very good idea, so I am wondering where you got your start, and how to practice installs.
  9. castironrobbie

    Oracal 651 and customer issue

    I have very specific sizing instructions on my site. I get orders all the time that clearly didn't follow the instructions for ordering. I also get the occasional butchered decal email as installation instructions weren't followed at all which results in a negative review for me. Which makes no sense
  10. castironrobbie

    Greenstar Gold

    So, I tried it and like it. Not that this is a review section, but I like this vinyl. With the correct pressure it works just as good as any other brand I have tried
  11. castironrobbie

    Greenstar Gold

    Great advice. I typically use tape technologies and cut using 160 for pressure, set to 180 for the green star and it's a huge improvement. Working on some white right now and it's not pulling up from the back much. Not bad I kind of like it. @mb20music thank you. I don't really need metallic, was just curious of the finish prior to purchase.
  12. castironrobbie

    Greenstar Gold

    Thanks @busterbay just ordered.
  13. castironrobbie

    Greenstar Gold

    I hear ya. Most of my customers order small decals. I am online only at the moment. Not sure how to branch into local stuff honestly. I don't even like working with clear, but my other vinyl has a very very dim backing, like an off white, so the average consumer isn't very thrilled when I send them white with the paper tape. Also maybe a rookie question, I have never used matte vinyl. Is it a bit easier to weed because to me it would seem like it may be softer? I know that would vary based on brand of course. About to place an order and wanted to get your input
  14. castironrobbie

    Greenstar Gold

    @busterbay thanks! Not sure why they are so hard to weed. The white is difficult, the black more difficult. I ran out of my other stuff yesterday and did all my white on greenstar, and it wasn't terrible, but not as smooth as the other brand I use. One positive though, I can use just the regular old transfer tape because of the blue backing.
  15. castironrobbie

    Greenstar Gold

    Hey everyone, needing to order a new roll of gold today. I don't sell enough gold to warrant buying a roll from my local guy as greenstar is half the price. Sure it's hard to weed, but whatever. I need to order today so I have a question. Is this gold a semi metallic?