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    Does Signblazer work with the new Titan 3 cutter?

    Got it! Choose Copam 2500
  2. I want to cut through glitter vinyl with my Titan. With my previous cutter I had to change carriers and use a different blade. I only have the one blade and I've increased the force to as high as it will go. Does anyone know if I need to buy another carrier and use a different blade to cut through the thicker vinyl?

    Signblazer on Table Titan

    I am going to try this too! I thought it was impossible! There is hope!
  4. Just bought the Titan cutter. I am currently using Signblazer. Do these programs work together? How do I connect the 2 together?

    Does Signblazer work with the new Titan 3 cutter?

    Using SignBlazer...hate to change programs because I love it. Will it work with the new Titan3 cutter?

    Creation Cutter Buttons Don't always work

    I've had it several years.
  7. Just yesterday the buttons on my Creation cutter stopped working. Actually a couple still work but for the most part my business is at a stand still until I can figure this out. Any one have any advice?