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    Titan 3 or...

    Thank you for the info. It is helpful. Titan 3 is Mac compatible, correct? Anyone know of any sales coming soon?
  2. finegirl

    Titan 3 or...

    I am trying to finalize my search for an upgraded cutter in the next 24-48 hours. I have been using the Cricut Expression for 6 years and it is a complete workhorse for the vinyl I have done. I need a bigger and more capable machine, as most of my jobs now require it. At heart, I am still just a girl who likes scrapbooking and making stuff. So, I am intrigued and giddy over the KNK 24" Maxx Air...but the majority of items I cut is strictly vinyl. I like the print and cut feature, I like the ARMS and the motor a true factor? Is there any comparing these two machines or is there a clear direction I should go? Does the Titan 3 cut a wide variety of items well? engrave, etc?