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  1. JPvinyl

    Got another one

    Thanks Dakota!
  2. JPvinyl

    Got another one

    Just the corporate coach font.
  3. JPvinyl

    Made for myself

    Im getting married in a week and made some signs. We have been together for 15 years. Didnt find out the opening to the boards isnt square until After I installed........... 2 signs, each double sided. Cant share with anyone attending but had to show them off.
  4. JPvinyl


    Thanks Dakota!!
  5. JPvinyl


    No one probably will read this but I swapped the fuses and Im glad to say that 22 year old plotter is now 24 and still tracking straight
  6. A heat gun will get you in trouble. Too much heat and the glue on the transfer tape gets super stick and separates from the carrier sheet.
  7. JPvinyl

    Application Tape Not Wide Enough

    Over lapping is no problem at all. A 1/4” inch is all you need. If possible, and dont go out of your way if its a pain in the butt, over lap in so it doesn't get in the way of the install. If you squeegee from the top down, then put the first layer of masking on the lower part of the design so your squeegee doesnt catch the edge of the overlapped masking. Does that make sense?
  8. I found this guy on Facebook selling these flags with all different logos or companys and organizations on them. He says aince the logo is hand carved and not able to be mads produced, it doesnt violate any laws. Is this true? Why wouldnit being hand carved keep you from any prosecution?
  9. JPvinyl

    Any luck with this or something similar?

    Thank you so much. Especially with the quick turnaround time from when I asked.
  10. Anything similar, I am putting it on some children's clothing.
  11. JPvinyl

    Starting a new project

    No insult to anyone on here but this is one of the best looking projects I have seen. It puts my skill set into perspective and that I have a long way to go. Good for you.
  12. JPvinyl

    Clipart and font

    That's the feeling I had. That's have no problem paying for something good. I have reached out before and had great success. I am not the most creative person and having a source of ready to go designs like that interest me. I don't have any current projects that need this source. It's more of me trying to be a bit pro active when I have some cash that's availabile.
  13. JPvinyl

    Backlit signs

    I got asked to do my first back lit sign. The sign is already installed. I just need to cut and and install the design on it. My questions are as follows in regards to the type of vinyl I use. Does the type of light matter? If it is a incandescent bulb or led?The thickness of the substrate how it diffuses the light. I know I need a certain type of wrap vinyl to use. Any suggestions? Thank you in advance.
  14. JPvinyl

    Clipart and font

    That's what I thought. I prefer to work with reliable tools. Thanks for the warning.
  15. JPvinyl

    Clipart and font

    Has anyone purchased any fonts or clip art from the website clipart and And if so is it worth the money? Also, even if I buy clipart, is it still license material and I don't have free use to use it?