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  1. Hello. I cut a file on my Laser Point II with no problem. I went in to cut another file and the control panel is not responding. Please Help Thanks
  2. Hello. I am hoping someone can recommend the pressure I need to cut sticky flock with the Laser Point II that will allow for easy weeding?
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    SCAL3 Laser Point II Corel X7

    Hello. I am new. I have had such a headache with SCAL3 and my Laser Point II. I have wasted so much material dealing with the 2. The cutter would cut a couple of images and then freeze in the middle of a project wasting tons of HTV and sticky flock. THIS STUFF IS NOT CHEAP!!!! Fingers crossed, I think that issue may have been resolved after talking to tech support and using the process of elimination. I am nervous to keep going because I cant afford to waste anymore material. It would be nice to have some of my material replaced or at least a Discount on a new order. Now Before you say use small pieces to prevent waste I have on several occasions and it seem to cut fine so I used the image size I needed and ended with the terrible results as mentioned above. I'm so over it and trying to stay positive. On to my other problem. OK I have created images in Corel X7 and saved them as SVG. When I go to import in into SCAL Pro3, there is nothing there but a black box. I am ssoooo tired of issues I am lol to keep from screaming. Is there a plug in available where i can print registration marks and cut straight from Corel X7? I know there is for Corel X3-X6 I have tried to trace the image into SCAL Pro 3 and cut it from there. It resulted in the program running slow and quality, color and nodes being off. The nodes being over 100,000. I like the work that the cutter does WHEN it cuts but need more consistency between it and the sofrtware. I need help somethings gotta give ASAP. I know there is a learning curve but its stressing me out. I have had to tell my customers that I can not complete their orders due to technical difficulties. I am just starting out and my name and brand is not looking so good at the moment. Thanks in advance.
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    Hello all. Just wanted to introduce myself. I am new of course. I am learning a lot and have a long way to go. I have Sure Cuts A Lot Pro 3 and the Laser Point II. We are looking to do a variety of things starting with heat transfers, HTV, and rhinestone designs.