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    Oracal 651 questions

    I will try that mixture on my next one, is this good to use on wine glasses as well. BTW y'all are awesome!!!
  2. flcbrks

    Oracal 651 questions

    So no, I did not use alcohol to prep the tumblers. And I also told the people that I sold them to handwash them.
  3. flcbrks

    Oracal 651 questions

    I have made some plastic tumblers, using oracal 651 vinyl. But it is starting to lift. Is there anything that I can use to seal the vinyl, or what can i put on the tumblers to prevent the letters from coming off.
  4. flcbrks


    Nice collection. Thanks
  5. flcbrks

    New to the vinyl cutting

    Thanks Sue2, I do have a heat press machine. I will check with the school on Tuesday, because I know they are able to get shirts with the school info on it. And they do not have to be purchased from the school. But I will verify with the principal. I think I am just excited and want to take off like a rocket ship full speed ahead. As far as the silhoutees is that something like finding an image and tracing the lines..ughhh so much to learn.
  6. flcbrks

    New to the vinyl cutting

    I received the printed card. So i guess I was so off, I thought it was something as just tracing the images. I have never heard of the welding and pas through. I have been looking on you tube to get some ideas. I learn better by reading things and then doing it, some of those videos are a little rushed. But thank you for your advice and taking the time to go over the process. I guess i need to crawl before I Run.
  7. flcbrks

    New to the vinyl cutting

    Hi, So i have been looking through this forum all day and I must say you guys are awesome. So i have the SC 24' cutter/plotter. And I so need help. I am interested in doing HTV for tshirts. I received the VinylMaster Cut disk, but I have no idea on how to use it, as well as inkscape, and silhouette design on my computer. I just need some printed instructions on how to do my images. I have one logo that I would like to do for my daughter with her school info on it. I am so over whelmed right now, because I have so many ideas, but do not know where to start. Any help is deeply appreciated.