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  1. Thanks @Primal Decals
  2. Anyone have thoughts on how to get rolling with this thing?
  3. The software is "Sure Cuts A Lot Pro". This is the cutter I purchased:
  4. Anyone have video or tutorials that are concise and helpful? I've done vinyl application before but not cutting. I'll be using my MacBook Pro to do interior lettering primarily. Thanks! DZ
  5. dzimmerm

    Best Wide Cutter for Under $1,000

    I'm sure that's true about the CE-60 but it's twice as expensive from what I can see...
  6. dzimmerm

    Best Wide Cutter for Under $1,000

    Sounds good...ordering now. To be clear, I can cut any vinyl smaller than 48" as well with that unit correct? I have rolls of 24" ORACAL for example. In other words, the vinyl doesn't have to be 48" to cut properly, right?
  7. dzimmerm

    Best Wide Cutter for Under $1,000

    1.) So the concensus is get the refurbished Titan 2? 2.) Previously, my team used Oracal 631...I can use this vinyl in that cutter right? 3.) I'd also need a translucent option for those lightboxes so I welcome any strong opinions on what vinyl is best? Super grateful for the direction from you experienced chaps. DZ
  8. I've read quite a bit online about choosing a cutter, and understand that the general concensus is "you get what you pay for". Here's my context: -buying it for a non-profit -need to be able to cut 36"x48" vinyl pieces out to mask 3 seperate light box signs. (so a 40"+ cutter to get clean 36" strips is what I've been told is minimum) -primarily signage that will be placed on walls and windows -not a ton of little details work, mostly lettering at least 2" high -budget: would love to stay under $1k if possible Any insight? I've been trying to pull the trigger on this for 2 months and honestly am discouraged it's taken so long to get it figured out. Would love some clarity Thanks!