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  1. Yea I was thinking that as well, but figure it may be more room than I needed for such small decals. But I guess it makes sense especially with the labels and such.
  2. I have an eBay store. My cheapest decals are $1.99 for 2.5". I also have 5" decals for $2.99. My most expensive decal is 9.5" for $10. Those don't sell as often, though. People like the cheap decals. I also offer an "install kit" free with every purchase which includes an alcohol wipe and a PVC card squeegee. I also offer a buy 2 get 1 free promotion. And yes I also offer free shipping. Yet, after all that, I still manage to maintain 100% positive feedback, and 100% customer satisfaction. Now I'm not as big as a few of the other stores, and I'm sure when sales start to get to a level where I won't be able to manage it on my own, there may be some issues, but as of right now, I've had no problems. With eBay, the trick isn't to make the most money off one decal but make the most money off a lot of decals. People are so stuck in the "I gotta make as much as I can off this one job" mentality, or "I won't turn my cutter on for $2." But I bet they would if they were selling 125+ decals a day with a $2 profit margin. Think about it. If you have 100 listings, and 25% of them are hot selling items (so 25 listings are selling really good), and you're selling 5 decals per hot selling listing, that's 125 decals per day you're selling. Multiply 125 decals by $2, and you get $250/day. That's approximately $31 an hour if you're "working" an 8 hour day. How many people do you know make that kind of money? Back to the big picture. If you're selling 5 decals from 25 listings, you're making $250 a day. Now multiply that by 30 days in a month. NOW show me someone won't turn their cutter on for $2. This example was just using someone who has 100 listings. Someone small time like me. There's US companies on eBay that have 45,000+ listings. If just 25% of their listings sold 5 decals a day at a $2 profit, well you do the math. I bet that $1-$2 profit isn't looking so bad after all is it? eBay is all about volume selling. That's how people get away with selling decals so cheap. People say, "my time is worth more than 50¢, $1, etc." and it may be. But when you're selling quite a few decals a day, that number isn't as small as it looks. Just remember, there is always a method to the madness. It's just a matter of making sense of it all.
  3. Hello everyone! It's been a while since I've been on here and I've definitely been busy! I'm pretty satisfied with how this business is turning out so far! Anyways, I've got quite a few decals on eBay right now, and I keep quite a few on hand so when people buy them, I can just package them up and ship them out without having to worry about weeding and such when they sell. My question of the day is, what do you guys store your weeded decals in? I sell both a 5" and a 2.5" decal. So I have both sizes. I just need somewhere to put them so they aren't in the way. I was thinking a Christmas ornament box, but I just wanted to see if maybe there was a better idea. Thanks everyone!
  4. NWAWraps

    Question about cutting more than 1 decal per job.

    Ok. I'll check it out. Thank you!
  5. NWAWraps

    Question about cutting more than 1 decal per job.

    Touche! Care to explain how to achieve this level of competence? lol
  6. Hello everyone! It's been a while since i've been on here. Ever since i got everything up and running, i've been pretty busy between running the business and going to school. Made straight A's this semester, and the plotter paid for itself with sales! It's been a great past couple months! So, on to my question. I just received an order from a local massage school for 100 decals. All I've ever done was 1 decal at a time, because thats generally what people buy from me. Well, is there a way to cut 100 decals all during the same job, without having to go back into the flexi interface and file>cut/plot>resize image in production manager>send 100 times? That way I can just get it done all at once?
  7. NWAWraps

    Designjet 130nr?

    Hello everyone! So I've been getting quite a bit of interest in kick drum decals, and some guys are looking for printed graphics. I was wondering if the Designjet 130nr is good enough for this? I found this thread <a href='http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/47884-thoughts-on-hp-designjet-130nr/?fromsearch=1'>http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php?/topic/47884-thoughts-on-hp-designjet-130nr/?fromsearch=1</a> and a few reviews online. I'm not going to be making anything that will be staying outdoors. Will this print on vinyl? There is one local someone is selling for $350 because he's moving, and I think I may be able to get it for cheaper.
  8. I've been doing a bit of searching on the forums and didn't really come up with anything conclusive. I've got my serial cable plugged into the MH871-MK2 with the keyspan adapter hooked up, then the USB cable that came with the cutter going from the Keyspan to the laptop. Do I leave connection setup as a USB connection, or do I need to reconfigure the laptop to use a COM port? Also, is the MH USB sufficient for this setup, or should I use the USB cable that came eighths Keyspan?
  9. NWAWraps

    Wall (interior) decal advice

    Ok. I'll get one put together. Thanks everyone!
  10. NWAWraps

    Wall (interior) decal advice

    ok... i will this stuff along. Maybe she will try to find another approach to using this plotter to make a cash. If not, then she do some "testing" on our walls before we go off ruining other people's walls.
  11. NWAWraps

    MH-871-MK2 Acting Up

    That makes sense, but when i checked the print queue in control panel, it was empty. I did uninstall and reinstall drivers and that appears to have worked. so everything is working now. I'm still waiting on the keyspan adapter, and when that comes in i will be using that.
  12. NWAWraps

    Wall (interior) decal advice

    Hello everyone! So the Mrs' is looking to get into creating wall decals to sell to put a little extra money in her pocket and I wanted to possibly pick a few brains here. I notice Oracle 631 (matte) is the interior wall decal choice, has anyone had any negative experiences with 631 on interior walls? There are also a couple others that seem to pop up pretty regularly, can't remember names, what about these? There are a couple different types of paint out there that people use for interior walls. Do these wall decals stick to both types of paint equally, or is one paint more preferable than the other? Reason I ask, is I don't want someone to come back and accuse her of selling junk, when in allrealitythe paint they used on the interior is the culprit. Has anyone had any negative experience with interior wall decals? Thanks, Justin
  13. Oh I definitely will! Lol. Hopefully it'll be here in the next couple days. It's come via UPS and I live out in the middle of nowhere and UPS claims my address "isn't coming up." But we'll see.
  14. I got it figured out. I just reinstalled the drivers and it's working now. I'm wondering if there might have been a glitch when installing the drivers orgininally? I'm not sure. But here are some American Flags i cut for my truck!
  15. No i havn't. I used the cut/plot option in flexi. i just checked my printer queue and there is nothing in there.