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  1. I will try both of these suggestions. Probably one change at a time to isolate one or the other. Thanks!
  2. First time on the forum, hope I am doing this right. I have noticed something peculiar with my blade holder on my 24" Titan 3. It appears that the blade holder is wearing ever so slightly on one side at the tip. I expect wear on the blade holder as I am sure it does come in contact with the vinyl. Over time, this leads to light "drag marks" on the vinyl (Oracal 651). I am some what of a newbie at this as I am self taught, but I don't feel that I am over pressuring the holder (down force set @ 90g), but maybe I am. I would think that the wear would be even if it was over pressured. Anyone else experience this issue? My machine is probably reaching about a year old, and I have replaced the blade holder one time and am into 2 months of use now and have noticed this taking place again. I usually just rotate the holder to a different position when I change blades, but am somewhat convinced this is not common. I regularly change blades (approximately 3-5 months depending on use). All components are USCutter brand and purchased through them. Any thoughts?