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  1. Opening EPS or SVG

    Why not just change the page size in Corel to what you want before or after importing. With no objects selected, you should see the page size in the top left area. Just type in your new size there. Also you can click to change the orientation. Or have I missed something?
  2. Coreldraw x6 & Roland gx-400

    Find another program to cut with. That said. check your page layout when you "print" to your cutter. need to position to upper left. at least that is where kids email was set. if it is set to center of page or fit to page you will get weird results
  3. Corel X8 windows 10 issue.

    I cant remember how now (it's been a few months) but I got it to work again. however, it cut terrible. cuts didn't meet, and I mean no cuts would meet. every letter had about a mm left uncut. graphics larger than 10 inches would miss by a quarter inch. I ditched cutting from corel and started exporting to scalp. all problems resolved. cuts are perfect again. it does a much better job of handling larger cuts too. it doesn't skip around like corel would. Corel would cut in the order you drew the objects. I never had the incomplete cuts issue cutting from corel directly with x7 and Windows 7. I strongly recommend another cutting program and just export to it. Jt
  4. Corel X8 windows 10 issue.

    I recently upgraded my main graphics station to Windows 10. I can no longer cut from corel x8. I understand the whole "corel isn't cutting software" but it has worked great for me. I have a 53" titan 3 and installed the uscutter drivers and "print" to it from corel directly. Does anyone else here do that and had any issues with Windows 10? I suspect it's the driver but I don't know. I did a clean install on win 7 on my laptop and it cut first try right from corel again.
  5. Hello from West KY

  6. Hello from West KY

    Just wanted to say hi. Been around here for a year or so. Don't think I've ever posted. Do tons of HTV and some decals / signs. Anyone else in this end of KY?