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  1. Hoppy

    Help with easy company logo

    Perfect, Thank you for the advice. I will play with it tonight. I don't have either of those fonts. I did run it thru what the font quick but couldn't get the W and G to match up right. If I run out of time I may just do text and get it close for now. Thanks again
  2. Hoppy

    Help with easy company logo

    Hello everyone, I have been out of the graphics hobby for a few years now. (Registered here in 2010, yikes) Dug all the equipment out of storage in attempt to dress up my office. I am planning to add a company logo to a mirror in my office. Company marketing wants a month notice to prepare this. I redownloaded all programs I use to use (signblazer and inkscape) and realize inkscape has changed and I don't know how to convert any longer. Can any one help me out. I would like to have this converted to be able to cut in signblazer and hung on my wall before my board meeting Wednesday. I work for Oswego Health parent organization, we are not 100% owned but our company name is Oswego Health Home Care. I would like to incorporate Home Care into the image if it can look right. I would like this to be rectangular to fit a large mirror but am not sure how to make it all work right. Open to suggestions. Company logo can be found with a google search also. Thanks in advance for any help.
  3. Hoppy

    Whats the best way to intersect text

    Well either way, it is easy to take the theory I just learned and apply it to my work to get the end result I want. I would always rather learn to do something than have it done.. My school project should be leaps and bounds above the rest with vinyl capabilities and all the help on here. Scholarship here I come , They are given out in Sept. by the recommendation of the professors. Fingers crossed at 10K a semester. Thanks again everyone. I am sure I will need your help again sometime.
  4. Hoppy

    Whats the best way to intersect text

    THANK YOU, that worked great. I have never played with node edit like that. I always have tried to do it with the million little dots and have not been able to get any desirable results that way. This worked perfect. Thanks again,
  5. Hoppy

    Whats the best way to intersect text

    Thanks for the advice. I will figure it out. Was just hoping there was a short cut.
  6. Hoppy

    Whats the best way to intersect text

    Thanks, I have done the LEARNING with the enter key, I have been having trouble getting the spacing even. I will just have to play with it more. I was hoping there was a tool that would align it for me that I didn't know about. I am not very versed with node edit. Thanks.
  7. I am working on a school project and cant get the text to do what I want and look right. I am trying to intersect TEACHING & LEARNING on the A with learning written vertical downward. How do I do this? Thanks
  8. Hoppy

    Medical oxygen graphics

    Thanks for the help. I have a couple no smoking, was just seeing if there was something different. I am a teach thru humor kind of guy, I love the cartoon above. Really want to find a face with nasal cannula, tanks, elderly toting a tank basically more specific O2 stuff if anyone has some. Thanks
  9. Hello everyone. I am doing a school project on patient education for home oxygen use. Looking to see if anyone has any EPS files that could relate to this topic. Maybe a face with mask or nasal cannula, O2 tanks, no smoking stuff, any funny medical cartoons. If you don't have graphics but can offer good ideas I am happy to receive those as well. I am in RN school, and have early acceptance to an NP program. This will be one of many projects I use my equipment for. Thanks in advance
  10. Hoppy


  11. Hoppy

    chevy bowtie w/flames

    LOL, I had state troopers here this morning for a new malibu that was stolen and torched a few hundred yards behind my house on the snowmobile trail. Those Chevy's love flames.. Hope my new Avalanche dont follow suit...
  12. Hoppy

    How do I recreate this image?

    I think I have it figured out... No more working late at night.... Now finding the right fonts is my challange. whatsmyfont wont read it. Of coarse cust added like 5 new graphics this morning...
  13. I have a customer that wants a number recreated, I cant seem to get the font right, it is outlined and shadowed. I am struggling with this one and it doesnt look like I should be. how do I get the outline out so far and straight? Any help would be great, Cust wants to pick these up Fri. 8/24 and I have been playing with it for HOURS. Thank you