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  1. I'm trying to cut mirror film, and I have not been able to get my registration marks scanned. I'm using VinylMaster XPT, and can't figure out how to change the ARMS type registration marks. I see you can manually add them if your using a cutter without it, but didn't see an option for ARMS to adjust the marks other than their size in general settings. My Graphtec CE6000 works great on other materials, but this one isn't working. I find if I apply transfer tape over the marks to make them less reflective the laser picks up the edge of the tape rather than getting to the registration mark. Is their a way around this? I really appreciate any advice. Thank you.
  2. I have upgraded 3 times to Vinylmaster XPT, and I did it using Futurecorp's auto draft payment system. There's some problems with the way this process is currently setup. 1) I never get a remaining balance statement reflecting how much more I owe. I simply get a Paypal deduction from my account. This information is very important for multiple reasons for your endusers, and every other company I've ever done business with includes it. 2) In the event I want to prepay my account, or pay it off completely I have no phone number to call in an make a payment to you, or contact you about my billing directly. I messaged Vinylmaster, and asked for a contact number, and never received one. I had my Paypal charge unknowingly block a payment for security protection, and after calling them they of course removed the security block. I then sent the emailed form they Futurecorp sends you, and asked for a contact number to cover the issue directly with them, and the ones I'm writing about now. I never got the number. The email was from a Wendy Pritchard which simply says your account has been reinstated. Please let me, and others know how you'll be correcting this. Thank you, Vince
  3. Actually the resolution is fine. The issue I have is when printing candies, and metallics I like to be able to tweak the color gamut for the spectrum I'm looking for. I believe the color settings adjustment for art work is what the software has to manipulate this, but it never hurts to ask first. I want to know what settings in VM XPT are used to manipulate the printable color gamut for your art? Thank you though for your advice.
  4. I now am using VM XPT, and the software's capabilities are simply amazing. I'm however wondering how to adjust the colors of my art to match my screen better when printed. I already use a Colormunki design monitor/printer calibrator, but still find the need to make minor adjustments on certain designs with special effects. What part of VM is used to adjust spot colors to be effected when printing? I already have ICM switched off so the software has full control of my printers color gamut. I also noticed when using the soft shadow FX, that adjusting to a higher resolution made my printed art come out pixelated where the shadow effect is. Is this do to using a higher resolution setting? What settings are considered optimal in VM for printing soft Shadows? Thank you to everyone providing support.
  5. storm2313

    Breaking nodes at a set point.

    I tried that, and figured out my mistake. I used the erase function, and wasn't letting the blue arrow follow fully the areas I wanted to delete. Thank you for your excellent super fast support.
  6. I'm using VM XPT an after watching the video tutorial I still can't break a node at a set point. I use the contour generator for most of my tracings, and I'm not sure if that matters, but it seems virtually impossible to break a node from the pattern I have. Please assist me. I viewed the help section as well, and tried using the Knife tool as well, but it only will erase groups of nodes, and not the specific ones I require. Thank you all for your support.
  7. I have users wanting to buy Vinyl Master from my store. Do you offer an affiliate program for selling clients on your software. Thank you.
  8. I was wondering what file types are supported by Vinyl Master? I was hoping DXF are supported. Thank you all for your support.
  9. storm2313

    Any suggestions when cutting polypropylene?

    The substrate has a clear backing layer. I've cut it in one pass with ease, but I do notice a very slight dimpling in the material where the cut line is. I didn't know if this was normal, and decided to ask for some advice. How do I set up the CE-6000 for two passes with lower pressure. I'm using VM PRO. Thank you for your assistance.
  10. I was looking at suggestions for force when using my Graphtec CE-6000 cutting 6MIL poly? Thank you all for your advice.
  11. storm2313

    Vectorizing Video

    Excellent training video. The manual training option is one to master. The more I use this software the more impressed I am at its functionality. Great job guys!
  12. Once again a quick response. No one flamed you I simply stated as before if you haven't anything constructive to add to a post in a help forum which is what this is don't reply. I never begged for a supplier name, I asked you, and can prove it if you like. You asking for help with software is exactly why I brought this to everyones attention. You want help cause YOU my little friend can't handle doing the research in the help section of VM, and using the integrated training videos. I guess someone should play the game you did with me, and let you know if you get warm to the answer. Lol. Searching Google using a certain groups of words is no different then telling you to search in the software users manual until you get what you think the answer is. I'll let you know when your warm Lol You have no background to tell anyone there's a flaw in the software, do to your lack of knowledge using it. The software is not SCALP or any other brand you want to compare it to. It's fully capable in the right hands. Here's something to consider don't get mad when someone calls you out for acting foolish when you didn't have to respond to the original post. Your board in what your doing so you hang around forums posting nothing constructive to see yourself write. Treat others as you would expect to be treated. Futurecorp, and others on here answer your questions on the software virtually immediately. Why? Cause that's what there here for. HELP FORUM. I didn't care to tell you what type of vinyl as it was obvious you wanted to play games, and that's why you sent that ridiculous response in a PM, hoping no one else would see it. Here's a tip. Search Google for the term "pointless posts" I'll let you know if find the person its referring to LOL.
  13. I want to start by saying this forum is wonderful to help others progress in their vinyl business. I was written to the other day, and I just have to write about this, cause it just proves how some people truly make no sense. I posted a help topic regarding printable "vinyl quality control". I'm having trouble finding a company who can provide a substrate without debris, and blemishes in every roll. Here's the post to review to see what I wrote. The person who responded then sent me a private message explaining this: It took me several weeks to find and several hundred dollars of wasted money. I will tell you if you find the right one or similar product but since we are competitors I won't bring my own rope to the hanging. Please explain the purpose of responding to a post which is clearly looking to here some ideas on quality brands of inkjet printable vinyl your familiar with to get a PM like the one above? This same person is in the VinylMaster category of the forum requesting help with design software, and expects a response to his/her post I'm sure without some sort of game. It's really Interesting that you expect someone to help you learn the software that is required to produce products to sell, but you yourself won't discuss the raw material used to apply the designs to possibly help someone else which is what the forum is designed for. I myself believe in treating others as I would like to be treated. This is a clear case of pure contradiction, and game playing that I hope others don't practice. If your not trying to help someone then why bother posting??
  14. storm2313

    Printable Vinyl Quality Control??

    This is true, but not all of them are adhesive either. I answered your PM, and hope you reply.
  15. storm2313

    Printable Vinyl Quality Control??

    What's the brand you using currently? I just can't seem to get lucky enough to get a roll that's fully usable. I'm not sure if they just don't have quality control in place, or they feel a certain amount of imperfections is acceptable, but its so costly in the sense of time. I currently am recording the blemishes I find using a digital microscope to discuss with the manufacturer for their take on making things right. I usually get a free roll, but it doesn't cover the ink, and time to find out your print isn't usable till after the fact. I currently am going through about 4-5ft of blem vinyl per 60ft roll. I wonder if that's the industry standard as being acceptable?