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  1. You bet..:) I hope it helps others looking to answer the same question.
  2. I received the support message from VM today. They explained the process for others that want to know how to do this. In the Contour Cutting Wizard, select your make and model of cutter and set it to automatic (ARMS). Then select the ‘Mark Options’ tab and select the number of vertical marks to suit the job. Adding more marks will increase the amount of measurements your ARMS will make increasing your contour cut accuracy. Thank you to those who posted. I hope this helps the others looking for this feature.
  3. Thank you for the heads up. I'll go that route. Happy Easter everyone!
  4. I would do that, but I'm sure you read the response from the first post I made from them. Where do I send the request for support in these forums to have the question answered?
  5. I just want to add more registration marks. The reason they have the ultra marks option is for longer contour cuts. This isn't in the printed vinyl, or how it was loaded. This is do to having registration marks at the end lengths of the page, with none in the middle. The more measurements taken the more accurate the contour will be. I hope someone can explain the process to add more marks, and use the ARMS feature as their support claims is possible.
  6. Thanks Bikemike, and your correct that will work for some applications, but for some images this is not acceptable for my clients. I know it can be done as per their support response email, I'm just looking for an explanation of the complete process. The length of the cut is 23in, but with only four registration marks its certainly the issue as the ultra mark option adds eight in total.
  7. I've started printing longer sheets of vinyl that require contour cutting, and realize my contour cut lines accuracy when cutting aren't as accurate. Their off by (.006in-008in) randomly around the artwork. I want to add additional registration marks in Vinyl Master for using with my Graphtec's ARMS feature. I see you can add ultra marks under the manual selection under the contour cut feature, but you can't add them while using the ARMS feature. If someone understands how to add multiple registration marks while using the ARMS feature, and will explain the process I really would appreciate it. I'm using Vinyl Master Expert Edition. I've already opened a support ticket, and the response from Vinyl Master is actually really sad considering I was expecting a logical response with an explanation of the process of course especially considering the cost of the Expert Edition. Thank you in advance for your support.
  8. I'm trying to cut mirror film, and I have not been able to get my registration marks scanned. I'm using VinylMaster XPT, and can't figure out how to change the ARMS type registration marks. I see you can manually add them if your using a cutter without it, but didn't see an option for ARMS to adjust the marks other than their size in general settings. My Graphtec CE6000 works great on other materials, but this one isn't working. I find if I apply transfer tape over the marks to make them less reflective the laser picks up the edge of the tape rather than getting to the registration mark. Is their a way around this? I really appreciate any advice. Thank you.
  9. I have upgraded 3 times to Vinylmaster XPT, and I did it using Futurecorp's auto draft payment system. There's some problems with the way this process is currently setup. 1) I never get a remaining balance statement reflecting how much more I owe. I simply get a Paypal deduction from my account. This information is very important for multiple reasons for your endusers, and every other company I've ever done business with includes it. 2) In the event I want to prepay my account, or pay it off completely I have no phone number to call in an make a payment to you, or contact you about my billing directly. I messaged Vinylmaster, and asked for a contact number, and never received one. I had my Paypal charge unknowingly block a payment for security protection, and after calling them they of course removed the security block. I then sent the emailed form they Futurecorp sends you, and asked for a contact number to cover the issue directly with them, and the ones I'm writing about now. I never got the number. The email was from a Wendy Pritchard which simply says your account has been reinstated. Please let me, and others know how you'll be correcting this. Thank you, Vince
  10. Actually the resolution is fine. The issue I have is when printing candies, and metallics I like to be able to tweak the color gamut for the spectrum I'm looking for. I believe the color settings adjustment for art work is what the software has to manipulate this, but it never hurts to ask first. I want to know what settings in VM XPT are used to manipulate the printable color gamut for your art? Thank you though for your advice.
  11. I now am using VM XPT, and the software's capabilities are simply amazing. I'm however wondering how to adjust the colors of my art to match my screen better when printed. I already use a Colormunki design monitor/printer calibrator, but still find the need to make minor adjustments on certain designs with special effects. What part of VM is used to adjust spot colors to be effected when printing? I already have ICM switched off so the software has full control of my printers color gamut. I also noticed when using the soft shadow FX, that adjusting to a higher resolution made my printed art come out pixelated where the shadow effect is. Is this do to using a higher resolution setting? What settings are considered optimal in VM for printing soft Shadows? Thank you to everyone providing support.
  12. storm2313

    Breaking nodes at a set point.

    I tried that, and figured out my mistake. I used the erase function, and wasn't letting the blue arrow follow fully the areas I wanted to delete. Thank you for your excellent super fast support.
  13. I'm using VM XPT an after watching the video tutorial I still can't break a node at a set point. I use the contour generator for most of my tracings, and I'm not sure if that matters, but it seems virtually impossible to break a node from the pattern I have. Please assist me. I viewed the help section as well, and tried using the Knife tool as well, but it only will erase groups of nodes, and not the specific ones I require. Thank you all for your support.
  14. I have users wanting to buy Vinyl Master from my store. Do you offer an affiliate program for selling clients on your software. Thank you.
  15. I was wondering what file types are supported by Vinyl Master? I was hoping DXF are supported. Thank you all for your support.