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  1. Help with cuts not being completed

    Thanks Darcshadow. Just found the post, digging around in the forums. Appreciate the feedback.
  2. Help with cuts not being completed

    That's what I was looking for. I'll take a look as soon as I'm back in front of my machine. I think I saw that setting. I tried messing with Offset and just made things worse. HA! Thank you! JS
  3. Wasn't sure if I should put this post in the hardware forum or software but figured I'd start here as I think it might be settings on the software. I have an LPII and use SCALP to send my files to cut. I've noticed since day one that if I send a cut, say a circle that the circle does not get cut completely. There's always a little "tag" where the cut wasn't complete causing weeding to be a nightmare. I recently did a large job that was a lot of letters and it was a nightmare to weed because the letters were small and these little "tags" were causing me to lift the letters while weeding. Is there a setting in the SCALP software that I can look at to try and attempt to resolve this issue? Thanks in advance, for any advice. Jason
  4. FORD grille letters for F150 Raptor

    If all else fails, that's exactly what I'll do. Very basic design. As popular as this vinyl seems to be, thought someone would already have the file readily available. Just being lazy in a Saturday morning. HA!
  5. FORD grille letters for F150 Raptor

    Yea but there's a slight curve to the letters that's throwing off my proportions. I should have measured the vinyl before I stripped them
  6. FORD grille letters for F150 Raptor

    Thanks! Here's what I'm looking for. Then need to start working on a nice tattered flag for bed side graphics.
  7. Don't suppose anyone's got a vector file for vinyl to cover the factory FORD letters in the grille... Picked up a '14 Raptor yesterday and the vinyl that's on there is in horrible condition. Would like to replace them. TIA, JS
  8. Not near software need quick help

    You know, that's why I sold the Boss. Was too afraid to rub bumpers in a $45K car I was still paying for. Stepped back down to one I could park if I blew up or wrecked. LOL
  9. Not near software need quick help

    Oh, it will be out there eventually, just not right now. Have to get the Shelby buttoned up. You're right, the thrill of the twisties out lives the thrill of the 1320' at a time. I got addicted to the twisties when I had my Boss.
  10. Not near software need quick help

    LOL, she is slow but she handles like a champ. This one isn't my track duty car, this is my daily. Here's the track duty car. She's on jack stands right now while I'm installing a rollbar. Hoping to have her in the 9's this season.
  11. Not near software need quick help

    All done. Planning on doing a photoshoot, this weekend.
  12. Not near software need quick help

    Here's a sneak peak. The center cap is all that's left. Cap will be same anthracite matte color with a very flaky blue metallic logo. Same color as the bolts.
  13. Not near software need quick help

    I bow at your feet, darcshadow. Exactly what I needed. Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to do this for me. Off to the PC guy it goes. Hopefully I can get the rims back, soon. Jason
  14. To all, not near my software at the moment and would like to see if anyone would be gracious enough to help me curve some text, quickly. The attached SVG file is a circle with "Another Skwareks Creation" above it. What I need is someone to curve the text centered between the two circles with Skwareks centered at the top. I hate to push work off on you generous folks but my powder coater is awaiting this file and I won't be back in front of a machine with decent software for a few days. Thank you in advance for the help, Jason Skwareks Caps.svg
  15. 2017 Tacoma bumper inserts

    Thank you Soren. I had been hunting for even something like above that I could trace. This will get me started and I can size from there. Jason