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  1. you guys freaking rock. Thank you so much. Also One more problem im encountering, and its kind of bizzarre. I was cutting 6 of the same pattern, and 2 of them were missing random cuts. One, it didn't cut the letter R, the other, it didn't cut the eyeball out. the other 4 were perfect?
  2. OK, please excuse the ignorance. How do I look at it in wire frame? Thanks for all your guys' help, im sure you get annoyed with all us newbs coming in completely lost lol
  3. Hey all, so hopefully this isn't too retarded. But, I got to thinking. I don't think my 24" SC actually cuts 24" wide. So, If I load the vinyl with the edge maybe 1/2 past the blade, will it go all the way too the end of the machine? Or still stop shy? Reason I'm asking is I have quite a bit of large decals to make, and when i lay 4 of them per row, its about 1/2 from each edge. Will I cut some of the end ones off? Should I just do 3 and suck up the wasted space?
  4. Any ideas? Trying to cut a few stencils, and the first pass is great, then instead of heading home and being done, it starts going back over the cut, and usually just a hair different location, so it completely ruins the stencil. Any ideas? Trying to do an american flag, using windows 7, SCAL pro that came with my 24" SC

    Need Help, No serial number with SCAL CD

    ANy help when I'm trying to instal the cutter, its saying "requested operation requires elevation"?
  6. Hey everyone, got my SC cutter in yetsterday, put it all together today, and started installing SCAL. Then it asked me for name/serial. Where the heck do I find the serial? There isn't anything stamped on the CD or on/in the case it came in? ??

    New guy from Iowa, Need advice between two cutters

    Well ended up jumping on the sale they have going on. Brand new 25" SC with stand, extra blades and "starter kit" (weeding and application) for $369 shipped. Couldn't pass it up. Ordered two 24" rolls of oracle 651 to practice with. one yellow one silver, since I'm just using it for stencils most of the time, and I can use the silver to cut decals. Any suggestions/advice/whatnot? I'm pretty stoked to get it!

    New guy from Iowa, Need advice between two cutters

    awesome, thanks guys! Interesting that they put a 2 year warranty behind the titan, but only 1 behind the LP2. None the less, I'll be ordering the LP2 this weekend. thanks again gents!!!!!

    New guy from Iowa, Need advice between two cutters

    Well, thats my concern. The 15" will limit me. Now, excuse the ignorance here, but with the 25" model, i can cut the smaller stencils/decals without a ton of waste, correct? Is the LP2 a better cutter than the Table titan?
  10. Hey all, new guy from Iowa here! Looking at ordering my first cutter this weekend. I own a small, home based firearms refinishing business, and am tired of paying other people for stencils lol. Right now, my Budget is $300-325 for the cutter, and I'm leaning towards the 15" Table titan that is on sale right now for $295. But, i can get a LaserpointII 25" for just $350(refurbished). Which would you guys suggest? Table titan 15" or LPII 25"? Will be used for making stencils for both the painting side of the business, as well as glass etching stencils, and window decals. Thanks for all the help, and I can't wait to get started!