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  1. Have an issue that I just dont understand-   When I cut decal vinyl, one time it cuts good.  Come back another time and it cuts and/or lifts the vinyl.  I dont get it.

    Can someone tell me explanation of Speed and force?    At this time I am using (Titan3 15")  Speed = 432, Force of 90g.  And yes I have adjusted a few times....

    In this case it is lifting the vinyl, appears the cut is good.  But when it lifts it sticks to the laid vinyl and creates problems trying to remove because of the adhesion.

    I have attached a photo (hopefully) and yeah the pic is bad but I believe you will get the idea....'  Should be able to see the lift


    Thanks all




    Oh, it is a fairly new blade used maybe 6 times on similar. And it is a 45 degree blade


  2. I am a tad upset with the software program that came with it. Vinyl Master Cut.

    I have no idea how to up.  15" cutter is not an option in the software setup.   I thought that I should be able to set the blade at a certain area and actually press "set" button and that is where it would start.

    I am using a 12" wide vinyl and in order to cut it has to be set in the middle so that is within the rollers....but it keeps wanting to cut off the vinyl.

    So test, test, test.......arggghhhhh



  3. Hi gang,   Newbie here and I purchased the Titan 3 15" cutter and it came with Vinyl Master Cut software.


    I am lost!   It came with no manual, no instructions...I go to the website (US Cutter) and I see the Titan 3 cutter manual.  It seems like it is actually the manual for Titan 2 and (this is the newbie in me now) I cant figure out anything.


    Then on top of that I download the Vinyl Master Cut software and cant seem to find any info on this either.


    I know this is kind of vague, but what am I missing here?  Can anyone help get me started?