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  1. I've got enough machines and materials to start producing basic signs, decals, banners, etc. I'm just stuck on the most important part, making sales. I'm not really sure where to start though. So how did some of you guys go about getting your first few customers before your business started to grow?
  2. Awztun

    Limits based on cutter width

    Thanks for the answers guys. Exactly what I was looking for. It seems going with the 24 is the best option. As for the motor, I'm a little paranoid about going with a stepper. I've never owned either and I'm not sure how substantial the difference in accuracy actually is. Can cuts with a stepper pass as professional quality? Will I be ok if I just avoid cuts with fine details? Again, thanks for the answers. Great community
  3. Hello, I've been searching around the forums for a while, but I can't find and answer to my question. Will the limitations of having a 15 inch servo cutter outweigh the benefits of having a 24 inch or greater stepper cutter? I'm aware the answer largely depends on the type of work i will be doing, but I've yet to decide my focus. The two types of machines in question seem to be around the same price, which brought me to wonder if a 15 inch cutter would be wide enough. Please comment with your opinions and type of work you mainly do. Also, if you use a 15 inch cutter and regret buying it, please let me know why. Thanks