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    Software in Demo mode... Help!

    that might be the ticket. Will try tomorrow. Thank you and Gnight
  2. HorseBiz

    Software in Demo mode... Help!

    Did that as well. It's just been a heck of an ordeal. Ended up having to go get a new computer due to trying to download this program on the old computer and it crashed. No fault of the program, lol but dang! So got a new computer and everything is going good, until I try to activate the software. I didnt think much of it at first, then when I got a few more bugs ironed out and was cutting these lines thru my design, and got that message, totally confused. Thats the blonde in me. But of course doing everything that I'm prompted to and what you have said, nothing is working.
  3. HorseBiz

    Software in Demo mode... Help!

    Nope my name and serial aren't there.
  4. HorseBiz

    Software in Demo mode... Help!

    Did that one at least 6 times, just wont take it. Even thought I had fat fingered it and double and triple checked. The past two days so far of owning my new cutter have been less than stellar.
  5. HorseBiz

    Software in Demo mode... Help!

    Ok did that a few diffrent times, and it did not work at all
  6. Just got my new cutter today. The MH 871-MK2. Had a few issues but seemed to get them worked out, it is afterall, new to me. Familiar with cutting and making signs and label, and heat pressing. That all done from my Cameo. Now time to move up. I can cut, but each time a message pops up saying your software is in Demo mode and you will experience horizontal lines thru your cut. UGH!! I have no clue how to turn off the Demo mode. Can anyone help me?? Thanks in advance