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  1. Hello everyone I am doing the window graphics for a restaurant in australia (picture attached) The decal is red and black vinyl letters on Yellow Matt vinyl backgrouond and are stuck from the outside of the glass (being double glazed and way too under the roof of the building, sticking them from the inside doesn't make them stand out much) I have been told to put a clear film on the vinyl decals to avoid them from getting peeled and faded. My question: Is it really necessary to put clear film if the stickers are to be stuck from outside? I use the vinyl which the supplier claims lasts for 5-7 years (intermediate grade polymeric vinyl, datasheet enclosed). The climate over here in Australia stays cold for 7 months in a year and it is really chilling here. So, someone did tell me that winter and dew are the biggest enemies of the decals Any inputs please? dao_ecotac_FTP_anglais_002E.pdf
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    Do we really need a clear vinyl film over the decals

    Hi Thanks for replying It is not printed but vinyl letters stuck on to vinyl background. All Yellow, red and Black are vinyls cut to shape and stuck accordingly. The idea is just to put clear vinyl film after the stickers have been stuck in place so they don't start to come off or fade after a couple of years, as per what someone said to me this morning Any inputs please?
  3. Hello everyone Just wondering does anyone happen to have any calibration manual or know how to do the calivration of X and Y axis for Creation PCut CT630 Vinylo cutter? Mine one has started giving positional errors while cutting thin borderlines, Any help will be greatly appreciated Regards C.S.Kainth
  4. Hi I have a 600 mm Creation PCUT 630 vinyl cutter. I put up a new blade yesterday as the previous one was damaged. I had to put up an aftermarket blade I got from EBAY as the supplier had them out of stock and I had some urgent work to do. I ran the blade on following setting Press: 86 Speed:40 (small text was to be cut) I found that the edges are not coming up square. Please have a look at the attached picture. The word CARBON is a mess. Is it the problem with the knife offset or may be because of new blade it was going deep into the vinyl? Do we need to adjust the knife offset every time we change the blade please? Please share some inputs Regards
  5. kainth.c.s

    PVC versus Polyester vinyls

    Hello everyone I have a query: 1. Are polyester films hard to cut than PVC Vinyls? I have been using the material mentioned in the link to cut some decorative stuff: https://www.conect.net.au/avery-gloss-gold.html However, most of the times I use the following Sign Vinyl: https://www.conect.net.au/metamark-m7.html Also, any inputs from your experience to be kept in mind when cutting this thin polyester film please?
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    PVC versus Polyester vinyls

    Thank you, I did try the same with Avery Gold chrome mirror. It did cut OK but weeding it was a nightmare
  7. Yes, I did check the file for errors. The catch is, when I did it for the second time, it came up perfect!!!!!
  8. Thanks. I cut a rectangle with rounded corners yesterday and found the start and the end points are different. I guess this is an offest related issue. Right????
  9. Just of curiosity, can I run a cemented carbide blade on this cutter(creation Pcut ct630)? the original onea that I got with cutter were Tungsten steel I guess and I have a cemented carbide blade with me.
  10. The corners are a little bit rounded but not bad as compared to the edges of the letters. Do I need to increase the offset or decrease it. I am currently running it on 0.25
  11. Yes the new blades are 45 deg blades, exactly same as the old ones, just from a different supplier
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    Help required

    Hi everyone Is cutting polyester vinyl a bit harder on cutter than normal calendared or cast vinyl? Any inputs please as I have to cut a decal in chrome polyester vinyl and it called for the higher downforce (press) and lower feed. Also, its weeding was a bit hard as compared to the same for calendared vinyl. Is it just normal?
  13. kainth.c.s

    Help required

    Thanks a lot guys
  14. Hello everyone I did this van last saturday and used Metamark M7. The dark blue background and the light blue are all vinyl. I have also attached a data sheet of the vinyl used by me. Due to being a budget conscious person he didn't want to go for printing. But I experienced that after a day, the vinyl started to peel off and looked like air has gone into it. On the upper right picture (the one with the sliding door, I saw the air bubble sprouting up from the bottom edge (AUTO AIR CO.. side and CONDITIONING side). The blue vinyl is actually in tewo pieces. 1. The guy told me after I put the vinyl that he had some patchwork done on the door and painted it using cheap spray can of white paint, after which he waxed it. Can this be the reason for the vinyl peeling off mates? 2. He started being pushy in the first instance, so I coudn't get enough time for the dark blue vinyl to get dried up before I started with the stickers in light blue on it. Can this be the reason why cinyls are bubbling and peeling off?. I used soapy water to put the dark blue vinyl on and started with the light blue after an hour or so. I need to redo the blue bit. But as I tried to peel the vinyl off, I noticed it is stripping some paint from the side where he has done patchwork. Please advise: 1. How can I remove the vinyl with minimal damage to the paint? 2. How long do I need to let that dark blue vinyl background sit before I move on with the light blue stickers please? 3. How good is the alcohol (methanol) to remove wax from the stickers area please? Any other thing you would recommend? Awaiting replies and inputs Singh
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    Can anyone advise me on this?

    Hello all I understand that this post may be labelled as a bit out of context but please excuse me for that. Recently, I got my Wifi router relocated to a wallpoint near the Vinyl cutter. I have the Optical Fibre coming to my Inside Box. Since, then, I have been getting disruptions in my service. Please have a look at the attached photos. My question is: Is the operation of the cutter and/or static charge present in the vinyl;strong enough for the interference in the internet service to the modem or Wi fi signal? I was told by someone that the cutter, while in operation generates an electromagnetic field which may interfere with the internet signal which I am unable to digest. I am attaching some photos for clarification Any advice will be highly appreciated
  16. kainth.c.s

    Help required to prevent peeling and bubbling

    Hi Jburns It was only using the heatgun that I could peel the decal off from the area wherein the paint was good. Without it , I guess the decals woould have bought the paint off. I didn't heat it too much, just slightly andthe decal came off perfectly
  17. kainth.c.s

    Help required to prevent peeling and bubbling

    Hi All An Update: Two weeks ago he brought back the van and I sanded the patchwork area using a very fine sander. On the area wherein the stickers were to be adhered to, I cleaned it with Turpentine followed by Methanol followed by normal cleaner so as to remove any wax. Next day, I adhered the blue background and let the decals adhere to the van. I let them sit for 24 hours and next evening I stuck the decals. I told him that I need his van forat least four days to which he agreed. He took his van about a week and a half ago and hasn't complained about ityet. I guess this method worked. Fingers crossed Thanks a ton for your help guys
  18. kainth.c.s

    Help required to prevent peeling and bubbling

    He insisted me to go over revinyling it and has agreed to pay for the labour. I will have a part of blue vinyl redone at his cost. He understands the risks and has been told that it is going to damage the paint, especially from the area wherein he has patched. Fingers crossed
  19. kainth.c.s

    Help required to prevent peeling and bubbling

    Of course it was. Some of it came off when I had to reposition the vinyl. Would dry application be helpful or using a heat gun?
  20. kainth.c.s

    Help required to prevent peeling and bubbling

    Hi I couldn't find rapidtac over here in australia. Any alternative you can suggest to prep the surface before sticking the decals on?. Morever, how to remove the partially stuck decals from the van? Heat gun? I have got some cast vinyl in and will be using wax and grease remover to get rid of the wax
  21. kainth.c.s

    Help Required: Creation PCUT CT630 Stalls during cutting

    Thanks a lot fellas for the valueable input
  22. Hi everyone. I own a Creation PCUT CT630 with Flexi Sign 10 Basic version and it was going fine since I purchased it in 2015. Lasat year it started to play up with the files. At thaty time I realised that i's the floppy USB Connector, thus I reconnected the cutter using 9 Pin RS232 Connector and it had been running fine since then This morning it stalled while I was in the middle of cutting a 1220 mm X 500 mm Long Graphic with its screen showing "waiting". I had to turn the cutter off and turn back on. Has anyone else experienced the problem with this cutter? Please help. Also, I fouond that the graphics I cut differ in sizes by 1 mm over 1000 mm length both ways in X and Y. Is it something normal? . Regards C.S.Kainth
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    From the album: works to show