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  1. kainth.c.s

    overlapping cute

    The first thing I will look at is the file. Any double shapes, any overlapping lines or shapes overshooting from the joints. I also posted a video showing doubled up vector shape in an ai file a while ago. Do a closer inspection of the file. The next would be to have a look at overcuts. Are the lines overshooting from the joints or something?
  2. Was a nightmare to do around the door rails and fitting the decals to the curves but came up pretty good once finished. Both the client and myself too happy
  3. kainth.c.s

    Issues with fonts

    Please send me your file so I can have a look at it if you consider
  4. kainth.c.s

    Issues with fonts

    Any chance you can send me the pdf version of the File you used to cut? I can have a look here as it appears the characters are overlapping. Something is going wrong when you are converting the text to shapes or silhouettes. In the meantime please try cutting these files to see if they cut the same way.(In particular, try Bebas Outline) The font is BEBAS Regular. The one titled "Bebas Outliune"is a silhouette made file ready to cut. Try using import command in Vinyl master if Open doesn't let you to open pdf files. But do not drag it into the workspace Do let me know how did you go Bebas outlines.pdf Bebas.pdf
  5. I agree. The vinyl may be too old, sitting on the shelf for too long (especially when the supplier slashes the prices) or might have been exposed to direct sunlight. If this is one of the cases: 1. Weed the vinyl as soon as you finish cutting to eliminate the healing as someone said. 2. If the letters lift up then press the letter area with your finger and try stretching the weeding part. I too experience these things whenever I work with the vinyl bought at clearance prices. I ususlly score the lines in between the design so as to split the weeding area into small sections
  6. kainth.c.s

    Cutting Horizontally, not Vertically

    I guess you need to do a layout on your software's interface before sending everything to the production manager of your software. I strongly feel you need to cut some designs one way and some rotated at 90 degrees so as to utilise the vinyl better and minimise the waste. Is it so?
  7. No problem buddy, I forgot to check the date
  8. kainth.c.s

    Sieki SK720T - Blade Holder

    I picked that the collar was not resting on to the bracket. So, it might be the case that he is keeping the blade holder up and using too much downforce to cut
  9. kainth.c.s

    Sieki SK720T - Blade Holder

    This can be the case,the blade holder needs to be checked whether it is as per the specifications laid down by the manufacturer
  10. kainth.c.s

    Sieki SK720T - Blade Holder

    My brother in Canada has the same machine and this is how he installed his blade holder. See how the collar of the blade holder rests on to the bracket. I guess he is also on uscutter support, See if bringing the blade holder down and using the downforce to adjust helps. Not sure it will work 100% but no harm in trying
  11. Have a look at this. It has all four layers separated. Is this something you are intending to do? Open this file (either using open and import command) and have a look By the way Mzkeeter said right, it is a vector file Digi-cam [Converted].pdf
  12. kainth.c.s

    CE7000 Double cutting

    Yes buddy. When you add a stoke to some path, it halves and adds equally to each side of the path. So when you convert the path to the outlines, it creates each half stroke to either side of the path as a separate shape.
  13. kainth.c.s

    CE7000 Double cutting

    This is what I found for the outer shapes when I converted the file into the cutter path or the vector file VID_20210401_095350.mp4