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  1. kainth.c.s

    Do we really need a clear vinyl film over the decals

    Hi Thanks for replying It is not printed but vinyl letters stuck on to vinyl background. All Yellow, red and Black are vinyls cut to shape and stuck accordingly. The idea is just to put clear vinyl film after the stickers have been stuck in place so they don't start to come off or fade after a couple of years, as per what someone said to me this morning Any inputs please?
  2. Hello everyone I am doing the window graphics for a restaurant in australia (picture attached) The decal is red and black vinyl letters on Yellow Matt vinyl backgrouond and are stuck from the outside of the glass (being double glazed and way too under the roof of the building, sticking them from the inside doesn't make them stand out much) I have been told to put a clear film on the vinyl decals to avoid them from getting peeled and faded. My question: Is it really necessary to put clear film if the stickers are to be stuck from outside? I use the vinyl which the supplier claims lasts for 5-7 years (intermediate grade polymeric vinyl, datasheet enclosed). The climate over here in Australia stays cold for 7 months in a year and it is really chilling here. So, someone did tell me that winter and dew are the biggest enemies of the decals Any inputs please? dao_ecotac_FTP_anglais_002E.pdf
  3. Hello everyone Just wondering does anyone happen to have any calibration manual or know how to do the calivration of X and Y axis for Creation PCut CT630 Vinylo cutter? Mine one has started giving positional errors while cutting thin borderlines, Any help will be greatly appreciated Regards C.S.Kainth
  4. kainth.c.s

    PVC versus Polyester vinyls

    Thank you, I did try the same with Avery Gold chrome mirror. It did cut OK but weeding it was a nightmare
  5. kainth.c.s

    PVC versus Polyester vinyls

    Hello everyone I have a query: 1. Are polyester films hard to cut than PVC Vinyls? I have been using the material mentioned in the link to cut some decorative stuff: https://www.conect.net.au/avery-gloss-gold.html However, most of the times I use the following Sign Vinyl: https://www.conect.net.au/metamark-m7.html Also, any inputs from your experience to be kept in mind when cutting this thin polyester film please?
  6. Yes, I did check the file for errors. The catch is, when I did it for the second time, it came up perfect!!!!!
  7. Thanks. I cut a rectangle with rounded corners yesterday and found the start and the end points are different. I guess this is an offest related issue. Right????
  8. Just of curiosity, can I run a cemented carbide blade on this cutter(creation Pcut ct630)? the original onea that I got with cutter were Tungsten steel I guess and I have a cemented carbide blade with me.
  9. The corners are a little bit rounded but not bad as compared to the edges of the letters. Do I need to increase the offset or decrease it. I am currently running it on 0.25
  10. Yes the new blades are 45 deg blades, exactly same as the old ones, just from a different supplier
  11. Hi I have a 600 mm Creation PCUT 630 vinyl cutter. I put up a new blade yesterday as the previous one was damaged. I had to put up an aftermarket blade I got from EBAY as the supplier had them out of stock and I had some urgent work to do. I ran the blade on following setting Press: 86 Speed:40 (small text was to be cut) I found that the edges are not coming up square. Please have a look at the attached picture. The word CARBON is a mess. Is it the problem with the knife offset or may be because of new blade it was going deep into the vinyl? Do we need to adjust the knife offset every time we change the blade please? Please share some inputs Regards
  12. kainth.c.s

    Help required

    Thanks a lot guys
  13. kainth.c.s

    Help required

    Hi everyone Is cutting polyester vinyl a bit harder on cutter than normal calendared or cast vinyl? Any inputs please as I have to cut a decal in chrome polyester vinyl and it called for the higher downforce (press) and lower feed. Also, its weeding was a bit hard as compared to the same for calendared vinyl. Is it just normal?