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  1. kainth.c.s

    Any inputs please!!??

    Also, the car is a black Chevrolet Cruze and the sticker came as a Birthday surprise for the owner
  2. kainth.c.s

    Any inputs please!!??

    Dakota don't worry. Here we value your opinion worth of a couple of grands. Yes Suptac is a calendered vinyl which is less prone to stretching and I found it a bit better than cast when layering it in positions.
  3. kainth.c.s


  4. kainth.c.s

    Any inputs please!!??

    Thank you My concern was dure to the fact that being on a hood it would bear heat both from outside due to the weather and from inside due to the engine underneath. I explained the situation and he is happy even if it stays for about 3 years which I am pretty confident it will
  5. kainth.c.s

    Any inputs please!!??

    Thanks everyone for the inputs. I decided to give the tape a go, with the same doubt in mind that it may scratch or may start to come off with the movement of the edges of the squeegee. I used the wet application method but was able to peel the tape off while the vinyl was still wet. It did lift up but I managed to squeegee it down. Here is the end result. Many thanks for the inputs
  6. kainth.c.s


    It has been published with the permission. So nothing to worey bud
  7. kainth.c.s

    Any inputs please!!??

    Hello everyone I have been asked to make this bonnet sticker combining a couple of colours on to the matt white base. Shall I tape this whole decal up and put it like a normal decal or I put it without the tape as the base white is a single piece? Also, I have used the vinyl which the supplier claims to last 5 to 7 years (Ecotac and Suptac from Hexis). What shall I say about the oife ofthe decal on the bonnet of the car? Any ideas to prolong its life?
  8. kainth.c.s

    Help! Liyu SC631 not cutting detailed designs properly

    It can be blade knife offset issue or there may be some setting in inkscape wherein the files are not cut to 100%, try exploring if there is any. I had the same in Flexi 10, and setting it to 100 % corrected the problem. Check your knife holder. Can the blade spin freely into the holder? Check the file as well. Can you assure there are no hidden strokes or shapes which are not visible in inkspace?
  9. kainth.c.s


    Try this. you need to smoothen up the file a bit, scale it to size and you are ready to go 20210913_121455.thumb.jpg.dc0afa498a1953dfc4f3a81a0f3ead79.pdf
  10. kainth.c.s


    Try font matching sites like Fontsquirrel or Fontmatcherator. I strongly believe there are three different fonts. If this doesn't work, try tracing it
  11. kainth.c.s

    Any idea about what this RTape is please

    I tried that tape yesterday. It seems it works a way better than Medium tack tape. The sticking in between the tape and the decal is strong. Does it mean I need to be more gentle and slow while peeling it off after installation? Any idea?
  12. Yes mate, I tried with cutting speed to 50 and it has been working fine but the machine makes a lot of jerky movements as the curves are a bit smaller for being cut at high speeds. I guess you are right, the memory buffer or the ram chip thing on the motherboard might be a bit smaller for the file which does not like to hold the file for long