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  1. kainth.c.s

    Help! Liyu SC631 not cutting detailed designs properly

    It can be blade knife offset issue or there may be some setting in inkscape wherein the files are not cut to 100%, try exploring if there is any. I had the same in Flexi 10, and setting it to 100 % corrected the problem. Check your knife holder. Can the blade spin freely into the holder? Check the file as well. Can you assure there are no hidden strokes or shapes which are not visible in inkspace?
  2. kainth.c.s


    Try this. you need to smoothen up the file a bit, scale it to size and you are ready to go 20210913_121455.thumb.jpg.dc0afa498a1953dfc4f3a81a0f3ead79.pdf
  3. kainth.c.s


    Try font matching sites like Fontsquirrel or Fontmatcherator. I strongly believe there are three different fonts. If this doesn't work, try tracing it
  4. kainth.c.s

    Any idea about what this RTape is please

    I tried that tape yesterday. It seems it works a way better than Medium tack tape. The sticking in between the tape and the decal is strong. Does it mean I need to be more gentle and slow while peeling it off after installation? Any idea?
  5. Yes mate, I tried with cutting speed to 50 and it has been working fine but the machine makes a lot of jerky movements as the curves are a bit smaller for being cut at high speeds. I guess you are right, the memory buffer or the ram chip thing on the motherboard might be a bit smaller for the file which does not like to hold the file for long
  6. kainth.c.s

    trying to convert this to cut

    I use Flexi 10 basic version. I usually import files as dxf straight into flexi 10 and when I make something in flexi or type something, it shows up with a different line colour or layer. Production manager will not show multiple colours at the same time and as such, it won't cut them either. So, either you need to let the cutter know to cut both, as Haumana said or change whatever you want to cut in the program to one colour. I hope these photos will clarify what I want to say
  7. Hello all I own a budget Creation Pcut CT630 (Red and Black ) machine bought 6 years ago. With the machine connected through RS232 9 pin adapter and a desktop entirely dedicated to the machine, blade already set up as per Skeeter's instructions and cutting fine with a downforce of 120 and cutting speed of 40 (small sized detailed designs) on Heat Transfer Vinyls. My question: Is it normal for a cutter to stall in the middle of the program and show as "Write Port Error" when a lengthy program is fed through the Production manager? How likely it is to be caused due to the cutting speed being too slow? It doesn't happen often but it happened twice this morning Any inputs please?
  8. kainth.c.s

    Sure Cuts Alot Pro 3 makes wonky cuts

    Try using a serial port instead of USB. I got to using serial port after stuffing up some expensive vinyl through USB port. You cutter might have a 9 pin RS232 oir some other port on to the side. Give this thing a go
  9. kainth.c.s

    Cut Order

    Use pedit command before saving it as a dxf in autocad. Type pedit>> select any part of the shape.. Click yes if it asks you whether you want to make it as on>>> select Join or type J and then select whole of the shape and press enter. It should be selected as one shape when you select it after that
  10. kainth.c.s

    Cut Order

    HI mate Give this file a try on your cutter. See what happens. Do not ungroup the shapes. Hopefully this will cut continuously as a single path memorabillia.ai memorabillia.pdf memorabillia.dxf
  11. kainth.c.s

    Cut Order

    Which software are you using mate? I have been using Flexi 10 basic version and importing dxf straight into it. I never had any problems.
  12. kainth.c.s

    Vinyl bowing issue

    OK. If you happen to have a 48" wide media with more than 2 pinch rollers in place at a time, please make sure you start from one end and clamp them down in the sequence. A lot times, entrapment of some air in between the cinyl and the knurled roller may cause the vinyl not to move in a straight line or in a flat plane, causing it to bow. I guess we all would like a video to see from the time you start clamping to when it starts to bow. If you do not mind, please share it sometime. I guess someone among us will definitely be able to figure out why it is happening if it is seen when happening
  13. kainth.c.s

    Sure Cuts Alot Pro 3 makes wonky cuts

    Are you using a USB port to communicate with the cutter?
  14. kainth.c.s

    Vinyl bowing issue

    However, there can be another thing The pressure on the pinch rollers may not be uniform. Did you happen to tighten the tension of the pinch rollers or did something with the adjustment screws if any on the machine? OR if the rubbers on the rollers do not wear out equally. Did you happen to replace any of the roller rubber recently? I would do all the rollers at once if I had to