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  1. Are you kidding me? Just about an hour and it reset to the submit screen.... Seems like whenever I have issues (as few times as it is) USCutter hides!
  2. "Please wait, an operator will be with you shortly." USCutter what is shortly? I have questions about my Titan 1, and want to order a Titan 3 today......
  3. Threader

    Titan 28" Issues

    Yes it is bare metal, I have grounded many systems in cars before so I know that concept. Once i cancel the cut, it makes a high pitch noise Until i turn it off, and turn it back on.
  4. I have the 28" Titan. Machine will randomly in the middle of a cut it will make a weird noise and where the straight line is, it will make a grinding sound and do zig zag lines. Its not the file considering ive cut it many times over and over, something is up with the cutter. Anybody know what could be up with it? Its once in a blue it does this, but very aggravating when its in the middle of a huge job.
  5. 12:58Live Chat: Thank you for contacting USCutter! We will be with you shortly. 12:58Live Chat: 12:58Ryan Harper: I have a 2 year warranty. 12:58Live Chat: We do have these available on our website. 12:59Live Chat: What is your order number? 12:59Ryan Harper: 406074 13:01Live Chat: The cord is not a warranty part. 13:02Ryan Harper: Why isn't the cord covered? Can you send me a link to the policy. 13:05Ryan Harper: Nothing on the product description says the cord isn't covered. under the warranty. It says I have a 2 year warranty for the product. 13:06Ryan Harper: The cord is part of the product. Something like this should stop working 4 months later. 13:06Ryan Harper: shouldn't* 13:09Live Chat: In our experience if after two weeks the power cord is working, then it is probably not working because of owner use. 13:10Live Chat: This universal power cord is designed to work with most PCs, monitors, scanners, printers, and other devices that use the 3-pin shroud power connector. 13:10Ryan Harper: Where is the warranty link? 13:10Live Chat: You can purchase this product at any local electronics store as well. 13:15Ryan Harper: Where is the warranty link? 13:18Ryan Harper: Warranty Products with a warranty will have the warranty period listed on the product page. Any item without a warranty listed on the product page on does not have one. The warranty begins from the day the item is received and does not extend. If you are having problems with a product contact USCutter Support at 1-425-902-1302. USCutter reserves the right to send replacement parts for any equipment being covered under warranty, instead of replacing the machine outright. USCutter will ship these parts via FedEx ground shipping with no cost to the customer as long as the shipment is within the United States. Full support will be given by USCutter representatives in the replacement of any parts sent. If USCutter determines that the equipment is not able to be repaired, then an RMA number will be assigned and the customer authorized to return the equipment for replacement. Any equipment older than 30 days may be replaced with a certified refurbished unit at our discretion. 13:18Ryan Harper: It says nothing about power cords not being covered. 13:18Ryan Harper: Ive spent over $2500 with you guys, and your going to hassle me over a power cord that isnt functioning correctly? 13:19Live Chat: Any equipment older than 30 days may be replaced with a certified refurbished unit at our discretion 13:19Ryan Harper: So send out a certified refurbished cord. 13:20Live Chat: Unfortunately I am not able to as I checked with our Returns Department. 13:21Ryan Harper: Check with your warranty department, Im not returning anything. I have a defective product. 13:22Live Chat: They also handle the Warranty Department. 13:22Ryan Harper: I have a 2 year warranty on the product, and nowhere does it say power cords are not included. Do you understand that? 13:23Ryan Harper: What is the point of a warranty, if your not going to fix a defective product.
  6. contact me
  7. Threader

    Need help vectorizing, computers down.

    I just contacted to see if I can get anything better.
  8. Threader

    Need help vectorizing, computers down.

    This is what was sent to me, unforunately this is all i have.
  9. Hey guys, My art guys laptop is down and need help vectorizing 2 files in black & white. The one with " Sport Dog, Mexico" mexico and sport dog needs to be removed. Thank you. if you can help!
  10. Threader

    I need help vectorizing this. Please!

    No dog fights! It actually for my first customer i ever had. He trains dogs for shows in New Jersey.
  11. Threader

    I need help vectorizing this. Please!

    I dont know how to even start a vectorizing process. I have only ever used photoshop and i am completely puzzled with illustrator, i am also new to the printing world. i dont advertise myself as graphics & printing yet because im not hip to the methods yet.
  12. Threader

    I need help vectorizing this. Please!

    Thanks you! Your a lifesaver. I really need to learn this lol.
  13. I need help vectorizing this. If anybody could help i would appreciate it!
  14. Threader

    Print and cut problems

    are you ligning your cutter up to the right registration mark?