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  1. trademarc

    Help with printer and or heatpress issue

    Thank you. I got in touch with Sawgrass and they recommended a few different papers to use so I ordered paper. Going to try that. I'm just confused with the heat press because I did one on a shirt I had already messed up and it worked out fine so I said okay I've got it set right and when I put it on to a shirt that didn't have anything on it yet it messed up and that happened twice. But I'm going to try your suggestion as well. I haven't had any trouble with the heat press doing the vinyl but of course that's a whole different ballgame.
  2. I recently purchased a Sawgrass sg800 with the sublijet ink and a Blue Ox 15x15 clamshell heat press. I had been making the same t-shirts on different equipment prior to this and when I printed out the picture it looked great but when I went to heat press it, it was a different story when. I would do a test with a portion of a picture it came out great when I tried to heat press the whole thing it wouldn't let the ink seed into the material. I tried different heat settings different length of time and when I do the test it's fine and when I do the whole thing it messes up. I am using the paper that I used with the Epson printer it's standard sublimation paper. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  3. trademarc

    etched glass vinyl

    I was wondering if anyone has used the Oracle 8810 yet and could give me some tips on cutting and applying.
  4. trademarc

    Printing Cost & markers for mugs

    Thank you for the info. Yes I will cross my fingers and keep trying I work about 60 hours a week and this is just something part-time so I am going to have to be smarter and print something each day just to be doing it
  5. trademarc

    Printing Cost & markers for mugs

    Any suggestions on how to unclog an epson? Was getting just black then managed to get yellow then red. Multiple head cleans and nozzle checks but blue won't cooperate. Already tossed a smaller cheaper printer. Can't afford to do that again with this one. Thank you in advance
  6. trademarc

    sublimation metal signs

    ::)Thanks for the info. Guess I have my homework for my one day off this weekend.
  7. trademarc

    sublimation metal signs

    Has anyone made any metal signs using sublimation? If so, what type of metal and where can it be purchased? Have a friend wanting me to make them some signs.
  8. trademarc

    Mugs.... HELP!!!

    I usually do 350 degrees for 150 seconds and they turn out great. I did the first one at 180 seconds and I got a little brown but backed off the time to 150 sec. and everything worked out well. Trial and Error.
  9. trademarc

    Hat press

    Thanks everyone for the replies. Eventually I will venture out and buy separate presses. I definitely want to get a larger press and printer. All I need is more money and space. My hat press is 3 1/2 x 6 so it's standard. So either it is me or the hats I purchased. I read on the forum to buy 5 panel hats and of course I purchased 6 panel before joining the forum. Trial and Error. Thank you so much for all the info.
  10. trademarc

    Hat press

    I bought an 8-in-1 heat press and went to try out the hat press and the size is wrong. It doesn't fit the inside of the printable area. I would like to either add a layer and create my own or find one to work. I looked into purchasing other sizes but they are a little in the expensive side. If anyone has any suggestions, I would appreciate it. Thank you for the great hat purchase advice given in another thread.
  11. trademarc

    New from Southeastern Michigan

    Hi, new to the forum and the business as well. This is a side interest for me at this point still learning the ins and outs of sublimation and recently bought a vinyl cutter. I hope to expand to all areas of sublimation and vinyl, within reason of course!