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    Hi, New from Wisconsin

    Thanks everyone. You were right, I had 2 paths somehow. I started over, did the copy and paste instead of tiling. Like I said, I am soooooo new to this, and to top it off I'm not too good at graphic art programs either. I dabble in Corel, very little. I have a great friend that helps with art but would love to learn to do my own. Baby steps, and I'll get there. My interest is embroidery and my husband wanted to try something new. This is going to be a very interesting experience for me/us. Hubby don't know much about computers. I'm sure you'll be seeing a lot of stupid questions on here from me. To Madhattergraphix, I'm not in Milwaukee, I'm a country bum and don't like Milwaukee, to much hustle and bustle for me. To DO NOT CUT: Yep thought I did cut and gouge my cutting strip, But, unit is new and I didn't know it had so didn't take the plastic tape off. Took it off now, No cuts or gouges. Thanks again for all the help. Now to try this project on transfer paper.
  2. Luckystitch

    Hi, New from Wisconsin

    I'm totally new to this cutter equipment. I have the Titan 3. I finally figured out how to do a contour cut. First cut was beautiful. Tried to tile so I could do more than one per sheet. For some reason, now when it cuts it goes over it twice and cuts the design totally out and pull the paper every which way because there is a hole where the first design cut out. Can anyone please help me set it so it only cuts once. The very first time I cut it only went over the design once. I don't remember changing anything but I was going through a lot of stuff and who knows what I did. I am working with RazorCut program