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  1. When my pcut CT0630 first arrived the blade holder/cutter head wasn't of the best quality, Sorry guys. I diddent even try it, I brought a aluminium bodied cutter head and fitted it in place of the plastic effort and began setting up. I run it at pressure@120 and speed@30 for all the vinyls i have, Ive also invested in a few different angled blades, Would i be right in thinking the shallower the angle the thicker the vinyl it can cut? like textured finishes and the like. Ive not meddled with blades before so its all trial and error.
  2. Hi guys, I got a problem, I downloaded Windows 10 and guess what, My laptop now wont accept the drivers for the Pcut CT630 as there in- compatible. I dont have Windows 7 on disk either so i cant go back. Will there be a driver update available to suit Windows 10 or is there a cunning trick i can pull to make it compatible nick.