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  1. albertramsbottom

    New Oracal Application tape for Oracal 631 vinyl

    Just a thought that this is the oracal that is supposed to be used for Wal art folks Albert
  2. albertramsbottom

    Interior Vinyl

    Just found out its Oracal 638 Just need to find a UK supplier now Cheers
  3. albertramsbottom

    Interior Vinyl

    Hi Im looking in to using vinyl for decoration, interior design. As a lot of people are but cant seem to find a sutible vinyl. I understand the Oracal 631 is a low tack vinyl that is semi removable and can be used on painted interior walls. However, I cant find a supplier for this in the UK I have also seen that people have had issues with the app tape being more tacky than the vinyl. Are there any other recommended interior vinyl types and if anyone might know of a UK supplier, that would be great Thanks
  4. albertramsbottom

    Graphtec 5000-60 cutting size problem

    No, im afriad not, its set on MM And so is the printer driver! And so is AI Oh dear
  5. albertramsbottom

    Graphtec CE5000 cutting strip

    Great I thought it should be removed and I started last night and you are right its a pig of a job Cheers
  6. I have a rather large and deep (0.5), grove in my cutting strip swo I have bought a new one. But I have a couple of questions: I have pulled of the old one and it was very thin and has left behind a thicker (1mm), sticky bit. Very tacky to the touch. Should I remove this as it does look like the sticky bit from the Teflon strip? Also there are two distinct square indentations in it, which def look like they have been made on purpose. But I cannot see them on the old one that I have removed. What are these indentations for? And what way round (vertically and horizontally) should they be? Upward or downward facing, and frontwards or backwards facing? Cheers
  7. albertramsbottom

    Graphtec CE5000 - 60 Load Media Message

    Nope cant find it, apart from the fact that it roundabouts tells the user to have media in it or you wil get the Load Media message Cheers
  8. albertramsbottom

    Graphtec 5000-60 cutting size problem

    It sdoes sound liek that Ill have a look tonight Cheers
  9. Hi When I cut from the AI plugin the cut ends up 5 x larger than the size set. I imported a graphic (simple) in to AI and set the size to 30cm x 30cm Opened the AI cutting master plugin and checked the size, all is correct. I then send it to the cutter and it came out at best guess around 100cm x 100cm. I dont know for sure as it went off the end of the vinyl and attempted to tile it and then asked for more vinyl. It seems that AI and cutting master are working in cms and the cutter is in inches Any ideas would be great
  10. albertramsbottom

    Graphtec CE5000 - 60 Load Media Message

    Yeap Cheers Ill read all 220 pages when i have a spare year I can now get to the menu, by having some vinyl loaded, then i dont get that message Cheers
  11. Just got a second user graphtec CE 5000-60 and when I go to the menu it just says "Load Media" I thought that when the pause botton is pressed you can get to the rest of the menu items. Well mine isnt cutting very well and I think it might be some settings on the machine. It also cuts 10 x larger than the cutting master plgin from AI What can I do? Many thanks for any advice
  12. albertramsbottom

    Peeling up Letters

    Its called Pathfinder in Illustrator Effect > Pathfinder > Merge I had exactly the same issue with the same font Albert
  13. albertramsbottom

    Vinyl Printers

    Right Im sure this is where it gets expensive! Im looking for a vinyl printer. And I dont want to pay 10 grand for it. Just a small capable printer that can print on self adhesive material. For inside and outside. I just want to make stickers and dont really need 5-7 year life or to be able to print permanant banners. Just stickers that last say 12 months. What sort of printer do I need? What sort of Ink? I have also noticed that some suppliers sell waterproof inkjet vinyl, does this work? Thanks, this forum has already been a great help
  14. albertramsbottom

    USCutter in UK

    Yes it looks like they are pCUT Cheers
  15. albertramsbottom

    USCutter in UK

    Thanks for that I had actually looked on that site but was lo9oking at the 1200mm one. Strange that this doesnt have the led contour cutting option. And I take it the LED would be manual registration mark detection rather than auto Thanks