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    Good transfer tape to ship large decals

    Thank you all for advise!
  2. Hello, I ship decals 22" x 22" and bigger all over the country. I used oratape and have noticed that it's very tough to pill it off, especially after some time. A lot of customers don't install decals immediately so they had a lot of trouble since vinyl won't transfer from backingonto transfer tape. I switched to R tape 4076 with RLA it's much easier to pill off the paper but lately customers started complaining more that vinyl stays on backing even though I check decals before sending them out and they work just fine. I understand that more I sell more chances I have to go across people who complains. But I was wondering if there is something better. I use Oracal 631 and 651. Thank you
  3. MarinaD

    Pickup installation

    Hello! I really need some help. I have to install decals on trucks on the whole passenger side, starts from the top goes on window and to the bottom. I tried today to install on the first pickup and i completely messed it up. The part where window ends and door starts kind of has rubber on it or something and I don't understand what is the right way of application on that spot. It all wrinkled and would not stick because it was too tight. So now I wonder what people do? To cut decal in that spot and to apply like two? but what if I cut it wrong, I believe that experienced installers know how to do that..... I would really appreciate any suggestions! Thank you!
  4. MarinaD

    Cutting issue

    Thank you so much for this information! Priceless! All this time i thought that problem was in my machine... but it's going to be much easier to figure out how to fix it with your explanation.
  5. MarinaD

    Cutting issue

    Thank you so much everyone! We get those images at different places and then work on them in adobe illustrator. We use AI so it would be wonderful if you help me with it
  6. MarinaD

    Cutting issue

    Wow... I had no idea... Thank you so much!!! How do I remove them?
  7. MarinaD

    Cutting issue

    here is one of them. I have the same problem with all of my designs... 9.svg
  8. MarinaD

    Cutting issue

    They are tiny and go all over designs. And I know that it's happening when the blade goes the second time over the lines cause I can see it when it's cutting.I wonder if there is a way to set it up so it would go over all the line just once...
  9. MarinaD

    Cutting issue

    I just checked it and on the strokes it says none.
  10. MarinaD

    Cutting issue

    I Have SC plotter and when it cuts designs it goes twice over all the lines. I don't know if it is supposed to be like that or not? But when blade goes the second time it kind of pulls tiny pieces of vinyl out along the lines (looks like small threads). I don't know why it does that and how to fix the issue because tracking is fine. it takes a lot of my time when I try to pull all of those tiny things out the decal. Would be happy to have any help.
  11. When I actually turned the machine around I saw how unevenly screws were tight up. I tight them on the same level and tried to run the vinyl and I saw the difference! Now it runs just fine, when later on I get some orders I'll check how it going to be when design is cutting. But I really hope that was the deal. Thank you so much for the help!
  12. I have a SC series cutter and everything is ok with it, but it is so horrible at tracking, it ruined a lot of vinyl for me even with simple design, I have been researching a lot and people suggest to run vinyl first and when I do that it gets off of track right away, and I try to keep vinyl roll as straight as possible and unroll it and everything, but it still does that, sometimes a little better,sometimes just very bad. I called USCutter and they told me to tight up the pinch rollers. Even though pinch rollers seem to be pretty tight I did so but it didn't change anything it only left really deep roller marks on the vinyl. I just wonder if people had similar problems with SC plotters and how they deal with them, I might be doing something wrong and I would be happy for any help,,, Thank you!