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  1. Someone please stop me if you have tried this.I worked on guitars for a long that time I ended up with a bunch of water base dye.I have some printable ink jet vinyl. I'm going to try to mix some up and dye it instead of trying to use just the basic colors your stuck with. If anyone has done this please let me I don't waste a time. I don't have much money in the paper or dye.
  2. DonPittman

    Pix calculations

    So me being a in/cm kind of guy. I don't understand pixels setting and how they work. I can count on someone here to explain them to me.
  3. DonPittman


    The pressure sensitivity in inkscape using my new huion tablet does not work so far. Every other function does as far as I can tell. To everyone that replied. Thank you.
  4. DonPittman


    Thank You. I have no issues so far.I did go to there site and download the latest drivers
  5. DonPittman


    So I ordered a huion610 tablet. I have looked everywhere and can't find anything about inkscape and this graphics tablet. Can anyone help? Windows7 home and the latest version of inkscape. The huion610 is the usb not the pro.
  6. DonPittman

    ORACAL PROMOTION FILM 100 orafol ???

    Do they really fake vinyl? If so for what reason. It looks like it would be more trouble than its worth.
  7. DonPittman

    Machine looses it mind.....

    The setup on my MH carriage is insulated by the plastic tool holder.The static would come trough the feed rollers and frame. At least mine is.Static does bite though.Not the cutter holder. You really only need one good ground from the cutter to the stand.
  8. I am going to buy a graphic tablet. Is there one that works with inkscape straight out of the box? From what I have read there are issues with most affordable tablets. Anything would be of great help.
  9. I have adjusted my blades just fine. This is exactly what it is. The only vinyl that does it is this. I is with out question the vinyl. My little more 871 mk-2 I can cut stuff that is so small people say it won't cut. It's because I read made sure everything was the way it was supposed to be. Then I started from there. The belt, settings. And it does it on my Roland. So it's the vinyl. I mean absolutely no disrespect. But it's the vinyl.
  10. DonPittman

    using a plotter to cut vinyl is NOT DIE CUTTING

    Your more than welcome.
  11. MZ Skeeter; I have no Idea what kind of vinyl it is. The vinyl would roll up in little balls Like it were getting hot. There are no markings on the backing. Just blank. It was so thin when I layed it on something it was almost trasnparent. It is horrible.
  12. DonPittman

    57 Nomad Theme

    I like it.
  13. DonPittman

    using a plotter to cut vinyl is NOT DIE CUTTING

    So here is where I have to chime in. I'm a Millwright. A cutter/plotter is in no way a die cutter. You've heard the term tool and die.A die cutter has an opposite side in the same shape as the stamping part. Thats how every automobile plant works. For that matter any stamping maching.
  14. Keep this in mind. You can get by with many things,but not cheap vinyl. I have never layed claim that I'm anything other than a idiot with a couple cutters.In fact it's more fun for me if I'm fixing them. So I have figured this out. I can get away with just about everything anyone says has to be done. No keyspan, cheap ass cutters, and the list goes on. You can't in anyway get buy with crappy vinyl!!!!!!!!!. Do not (all new guy's) buy crap vinyl off Amazon or anywhere like that. It's trash. The stuff I got was given to me. It plug's your cutter, it waste's blades, and more important paitent's. Then you get Pissed and quit. Please Please listen to me. It's great to mess with these machines. Use good vinyl or you'll end up giving up. That's exactly how I got my old US Cutter back.
  15. DonPittman

    Finally Ordered Laser Point

    Laser Point 2. They are on sale now.