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  1. KC10Chief

    What would you charge for these vehicle decals?

    Thanks for the replies! I always know what it costs in material. I just take the cost of the material and divide by how many inches it is. Then multiply the cost per inch by how many inches I'm using for the job. Anyways, I've been charging $100 installed for these. They're not the easiest things to install since the windows on the Jeep are recessed a bit. I tried doing wet installs at first. Wet installs never seem to work well on windows. So, I've been doing dry installs using the hinge method. It's working out okay.
  2. I am in a big Jeep club and make all sorts of decals for the group. I recently started making these American Flag decals and installing them on the back windows of Jeep hard tops. I've done a couple of 4Runners too. It takes my machine about six minutes to cut one set. It takes me about ten minutes to weed everything out and apply transfer paper to one set. Another 25 minutes to do the install. I am using Oracal 751. I figure it costs me about $10 in materials to make these plus my time. I've set a price and people are paying it but I feel that some are balking at my price. I'm curious what you guys think I should be charging for these before I tell you what my price is. I feel I may be charging too much. I figure that if I lowered my price say $20, I'd refund the ten customers that have already paid, the $20 so there are no claims I'm being unfair. Just curious what you guys would charge for these. There's one on each side of the Jeep. Thanks!
  3. I just bought some of that stuff at Lowes yesterday! Lesson learned!
  4. You want very little blade sticking out. You should just barely be able to see it. I always do test cuts by hand on scrap vinyl. For Oracal 651, I set my pressure at 120G and the speed at 600. Nice smooth cuts. Less blade and more pressure is correct. I'd definitely do that before I opened my machine up and attempted to adjust the internals! HA!
  5. Yes. I've tried turning it off and reseting my computer as well. The second cut I did of that decal using my Windows machine went perfectly. At least I have that job done now. HA!
  6. I have been trying a few things. First, I swapped the cable that came with my MH cutter. It did the same thing. Got about half way done and made a weird triangle cut way outside of the cutting area and on fresh vinyl. I've ruined a lot of vinyl tonight. So, I took the project I'm working on and designed on my MacBook, put it on an SD card, and transferred it right to my Windows computer. I plugged it in and the machine cut it no problem. Of course, this was a piece of vinyl that was already cut up from the previous attempts. So, I put in a new piece and it's cutting right now. No problems yet using the Windows machine. It seems to be related to my MacBook somehow. The project I'm working on is a couple of name decals for the hood of a Jeep. You can see an example in the picture below. I'm laying gloss black on top of blue. I was able to cut the blue on the machine with my Mac no problem. The black has a lot more detail and for whatever reason, the machine doesn't want to finish it without making a bunch of weird lines and cuts.
  7. HAHA! As for using the program, it's the exact same on a Mac as it is on a PC. I was even able to transfer over all of my projects and files with ease. I'm used to SCAL now and it does everything I need it to do. Well, until now.
  8. Yes. It's been activated. Normally, it will put a line through whatever you're cutting if it's not activated. It just stopped what it was doing and cut a line as it unrolled the entire roll onto the floor. Real annoying.
  9. Hello! I recently purchased a SC50 from USCutter. I've been using a 34" MH Series cutter for a few years now without any issues. However, I just upgraded to a Mac and I needed a larger cutter anyways so I bought the SC50. It's pretty similar to the MH series cutter so the setup was pretty simple for me. I paid Craft Edge $15 to have my license for SCAL4 Pro swapped over to my MacBook. I am using SCAL4 Pro on my MacBook now. The MacBook has OS Sierra 10.12.4on it. Anyways, I was attempting to cut my first job and the first time, it got about 1/4 of the way through and the cutter suddenly went all the way to the left and stayed there. Machine was making some odd noises. I made sure my computer wasn't going into sleep mode or something. The second time I tried the same job, it got about half way done and suddenly started spitting the entire roll of vinyl out to the end. I also put a cut right down the middle of all of it. About 15 feet of a 30" wide roll. I'm paranoid to try it again and ruin more vinyl. Any ideas on what could be causing this? Thanks!
  10. KC10Chief

    Problem with EPS file!

    Yeah. I have Inkscape. I have a lot of learning to do on there. I tried importing it into Inkscape but it doesn't recognize EPS files either. Personally, I've found SCALP to be very easy to use and I've done a LOT of work with it. I have been real surprised at how much business I've had. I can barely keep up with it at times. I'm about to buy a couple more machines. Looking at a Roland GX 24 and a 50" SC cutter for the stuff that's too big for my 34" MH Series cutter which can really only do about 29" wide.
  11. KC10Chief

    Problem with EPS file!

    YES!!! Excellent! That works! I definitely appreciate the fast help on this one! How did you do that if you don't mind me asking?
  12. KC10Chief

    Problem with EPS file!

    Thank you! Unfortunately, SCALP4 which I'm using, doesn't seem to recognize EPS files at all. I was hoping it could be converted to a SVG. I appreciate you trying to help!
  13. KC10Chief

    Problem with EPS file!

    Hello! I've been lurking here for a while. I've had my MH Series Cutter since November and I have had a lot of business with it. It's paid for itself numerous times over. I am moving up to bigger stuff and have a job to put some large decals on a couple of trailers. The lady has a vector file but it's an EPS file. I've never encountered an EPS file until now and I cannot get it to load into the program. I have tried numerous conversion programs to convert it to SVG but nothing is working. When it's converted, it's nothing like the image you see below. I attached the EPS file. Does anybody have a program that can convert this for me? I'm hoping to have this job done real soon. It's only two colors but I can easily work with it if it's just one color. Thanks for any help! Focus on Home Final AW.eps