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  1. From what I understand, sublimation will fade in sunlight and scratch if not careful. Does anyone know of a spray or coating that will prevent either from happening? Thanks in advance.
  2. Good point, fair enough. Thanks for the reply. we shall wait!
  3. I just ran out of black ink but I would like to keep going. I'm okay with the quality of my prints diminishing without the black - is there a way to bypass the flashing light and error and keep printing even though I might be out or super low on a color???
  4. Thank you for the replies! When I said poster I meant straight up posters, like the paper ones you get at the store with bands on them. When I said that though I kind of meant any paper, just something in a roll form to print on then cut apart, or make photography prints out of. I would love a flatbed printer, but those are far out of my budget at this point. Around $10k is my max. I also have an Epson 1440. I guess that's not what I meant when I said wide-format. I wan't to be able to print on rolls of canvas and paper, at a very minimum of 22" wide, but like I said, the larger the better. It looks like I can get a good solid printer that does just that for around $2k. Curious if anyone has any brand specifics they'd recommend, and also if they make ones that ALSO cut/print on vinyl. A machine that cuts/prints on vinyl, paper, and also print on canvas is what I'm curious about. Sorry for any confusion, I'm horrible at explaining myself!
  5. Good Question! At least 22-24" wide. Anything larger than that is probably unnecessary for me but would be a bonus.
  6. Greetings! I am in the market for a wide format printer, and am curious if anyone has an experience with these or can set me in the right direction. I mainly want one to make prints, to cut apart and use for mixed media canvas art. I would also love the ability to print on canvas. I am trying to avoid Epson at all costs, as I had very bad luck in the past with clogging print heads, I don't plan on printing every day, maybe once a week to 2-3 times a month. I am curious if the print/cutters that they sell here, can also print onto paper and canvas? Do they make a paper that can run in these machines that can be print onto and cut? It would be awesome to have my prints be contour cut by the machine as this would save a lot of time, but not sure if they make a paper that works like that for these printer/cutter systems. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  7. Thank you all for the lightning fast replies! I am trying to do 2 things with 1 type of material here. I need to make a sign to go in this type of holder: http://www.displays2go.com/P-6192/Gridwall-Sign-Holder-22-Wide-x-7-High-Black Along with that, I'd like to be able to cut like little 1.5" x 3" squares and make little price tags to hang off the gridwall also. I'm envisioning a material like the thin plastic license plate blanks, perhaps a little thinner. I was able to cut up a blank one I have here without ruining my guillotine (yet) but I need more, preferably a little thinner to cut easier, and something that will fit in that gridwall sign holder. Sorry, I should have mentioned all this in my first post.
  8. Greetings. I am in the need to make some indoor signage in which I'd like to adhere vinyl to. I am trying to find out what my options would be for a thin material that is plastic like? I can picture what I want but have a hard time describing it or know what it's officially called. Just something thin, plastic like and flexible that I can cut to size without too much trouble and punch holes in to hang. The corrugated plastic will not work for me as it's too thick.
  9. Just wanted to say it looks very nice
  10. Breathing in the fumes can't possibly be good for my lungs and body. Does anyone know what chemicals are used to coat sublimated-ready surfaces?
  11. Nope :/ They have the same color scheme going throughout the whole mall, evidently they never felt the need to change it since it was built since I'm guessing the 70's or 80's
  12. Could ya'll help me brainstorm some ideas for what would look nice at the top here? I was originally requested to make a white banner with black lettering, or vice versa, but then at the end they told me I could basically do whatever I wanted, just so it would look nice. If I did get a banner it would be 33" tall x 8, 10 or 12'. I don't have the ability to print, so I'm limited to using vinyl, paint and whatever else I can think of. I feel like a vinyl banner might look kind of tacky, the store is a country/rustic primitive craft store and I want the sign to go along with it. The previous store's sign kind of ruined the wall, it's hard to tell in the pic but the drywall is all textured where each hole was previously drilled to hold the sign. Unfortunately it's too much to use just straight up wall vinyl, what I was initially hoping for. I don't usually make signs, so I'm not sure what other alternatives there are to vinyl banners. I'm handy with wood, but want to avoid making something too heavy. Any ideas or advice here is much appreciated! Budget isn't a concern, I just want to make something I'm capable of and make it look awesome! Thanks in advance.
  13. fawnap

    Need Advice on wood sign making

    Thanks...just what I needed...MORE options...LOL. Just kidding. Didn't even know that stuff existed so hey, I learned something new today. Looks neat
  14. I need to make some wooden signs with wording that are multi-colored (background color and 1-2 wording colors), and I'm trying to figure out the best way to go about this with also trying to keep in mind what the customer would want the most. When I woke up this morning my original plan was to buy a router (to route wood edges) then just stencil with vinyl and paint the signs, but my router searches brought me upon cnc routers and now I'm tempted to buy one of those. In the past I also thought about buying a dtg solvent printer for this type of project, so now I don't know what to do. I plan on/hope to have all of these types of machines someday, but for right now I can only get 1 so trying to figure out what would suit my needs best at the moment. The benefit to making the signs with a cnc router would be that the wording would be permanent. Disadvantage, dust, painting, and cost Benefit to using vinyl is that it's the lowest cost, and aside from painting the wood, no painting. I like that the vinyl would have a crisp edge. I don't like though that it's not a permanent thing that can eventually peel off. Using vinyl as a stencil would also be economical, but I can never seem to get crisp edges when doing this on wood. I'm a perfectionist and like things to be near perfect, so not sure this is a feasible option for me. Then lastly, a dtg solvent printer. This would be the most expensive option, but I think I would get carried away (in a good way) on printing on things and have the most fun with this machine. I'd be unlimited as far as colors go. No painting, vinyl weeding, etc. involved. A couple coats of shellac or something on top when it's finished and I have an almost permanent solution. Thoughts? Any advice on what you guys currently do and how you make it easy is much appreciated!
  15. fawnap

    Looking for 12" banner size...

    Thank you, I just messaged them. The referral is much appreciated his prices seem beyond reasonable. Thanks again!