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  1. DoblW

    SignCut Pro vs MacSign?

    It's a clear tape, for multicolor decals registration and does it has good archival life for ready to ship decals? Good news, just sold my iPad today, only left the MacBook and CE6000 and I might be an FC8600 or Summa owner. Thanks.
  2. DoblW

    SignCut Pro vs MacSign?

    Thanks Wild, I've heard about VM too. On the other side Parrales runs beautifully on Mac you're going to like itis having a great PC, haha!. Me I just try to avoid any PC app, usually interface design is clumsy. Unfortunately, I'm stuck to get the wider Graphtec or Summa until I sell the CE6000-60, my iPad Pro and MacBook Pro Retina 15". Btw, any choice preference on transfers tapes? Thanks, again for your support.
  3. DoblW

    IMG 1615

    Hello, Which brand of transfer tape are you using? Thanks.
  4. DoblW

    What Flexi is similar to SignCut Pro?

    Hey thanks alway for your fast response, like Phil Johnson, hahaha! He knows me all ready, he has been helping me a lot, since I'm still new to this business. The S2 class has a 3year warranty, touch screen, higher cutting speed and USB for cutting without a computer, plus ethernet connection. On SignCut and MacSign, like you said, for MacSign you have to be the full version, but on other side, SignCut has an option that can send the job cut to InkScape so not using Illustrator wouldn't be a problem and the reviews of people using it with Summa are great. Unfortunately, on demo versions you can't use to much of them. Btw, please if you know anyone looking for a great plotter in literally, literally new conditions for 15% less of the price, I did post for sale my brand new Graphtec CE6000-60 here at the forum (I bought it on May 19, at USCutter, great service) It's sitting in my room at the moment giving it time to sell, since I'm using more my Sawgrass SG800 printer, doing small sublimation work with. But I want to upscale to wall home decor and a solvent/latex printer for full color walls and auto decals ...It's start as a hobby, but I wanted to be a full time work. Like other equipment posts I have, but they are Apple products so I can't post them here, but they're mine too and selling reason is the same, to invest toward a Graphtec FC8600-100 or SummaCut D120/S2 D120 Well thank very much for your help and have a good day. Wilmer Cordero
  5. DoblW

    SignCut Pro vs MacSign?

    Hello, I want to upgrade my Graphtec CE6000-60 to a Graphtec FC8600-100 or SummaCut D120 or Summa S2 D120. As a Mac OS X user and not using Illustrator, since there are now better options, like InkSpace, Affinity Designer, Graphic from AutoDesk. I'm looking for opinions from users using SignCut Pro or MacSign. Thanks.
  6. DoblW

    Got my Graphtec CE6000-60 to Perf Cut

    Oh! That's right, carrier mat sheet, because I'm selling my 1 month old CE6000-60, nothing wrong awesome plotter, even better for Mac OS X user, I just to upgrade to a 42" FC8600-100 to have true perf-cut without using a carrier mat sheet, that is like a 12" x 17", right? Thanks
  7. DoblW

    What Flexi is similar to SignCut Pro?

    Hello Wildgoose. I just bought at USCutter a Graphtec CE6000-60, after selling a Roland GS-24, because of Graphtec Studio stand alone software support Mac OS X and it's really good, if you are long time Mac user (I'm a video editor, jumping into this awesome industry of custom design) you can tell that Graphtec understand the Mac, plus the plotter is great, less noisy, nice LCD screen, really easy to setup, even the plugin for Illustrator reed the measurement form the plotter vs Roland I had to enter the dimension overtime in Illustrator. It's just a month old, but I had such a nice experience with it that I want to have perforation cut, so I'm selling it (crazy right) to upgrade to Graphtec FC8600-100 42" or Summa D120 or S2 120. Since you are a Summa user, my concern is the Mac support, the MacSign software. I just downloaded a trial version of MacSign and it looks like it was deign by a company that doesn't understand the Mac OS environment and I know the full version is on the $500+. So, researching I've found that most Mac Summa users are using SignCut, which I download a trial today (haven tested) but looks like totally a Mac environment. What would be your advice if I go Summa? Thanks in advance for any support.
  8. So far in my research Summa plotters are the best having less problem in recognizing registrations marks on different types of media (glossy, semigloss, laminated etc) They can do contour and perfect "flex cut" on the same job. Since you own a Summa, can you tell me about the noise level? I'll be getting the Summa S2 T120 and would be on a medium bedroom on a condo second floor. Thanks guys!
  9. DoblW

    Need advice, first time purchase!

    GeoKnight heat press or Stahls?
  10. Hello everyone, I’m looking any opinions from some one that owns any of this equipments GeoKnight DK20S or DK20SP heat press, Summa S2 T120, Mimaki CG-100SR III and Graphtec FC8600-100. Main interest is to have the ability to cut small details and perf cut features able to cut path around the graphics too. On the wide format printers I’m looking into new Mutoh ValueJet 628X or ValueJet 1204PLU. Any feedback would be appreciate. Thanks.