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  1. hhsg

    Icon in flexi

    I use flexi 10.5 and just upgrade to versaworks 6.0. I have notice that in flexi icon to sent the file to versaworks doesn't appear at the top like it did for versaworks 5. Does anyone know why it would not be there when using versawork 6.0
  2. hhsg

    Color Match

    Sorry wildgoose I have not been on for awhile. I did do what you suggest on the color strips and came up with one that was pretty darn close. Sent it to the body shop that was working on the truck and the customer love it. Also thanks everyone for the help. Thanks Matt
  3. hhsg

    Color Match

    Hi everyone. I have a customer that has a 2001 ford pickup. The colors are white and the bottom half is a Arizona Beige. I have search to find a chart that would give me the closes pantone color to match the Arizona Beige. Not having any real luck. Hope someone out there has or know a good website that can help me. Thanks Matt
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    Hello From NC

    Hi from Indy
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    Hello from a new guy

    welcome for indy
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    new member

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    Hello from South Dakota

    welcome for indiana
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    Moving on....

    Good luck and have fun on your new adventure
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    Help the Newb

    That’s what we done wild goose before getting our first wide printer. Trade shows are a great to see one in action. It was a Roland. It was a Work horse and never had a issue with it. We purchase a new one 2 years ago. It still works like a dream.
  10. hhsg

    Newbie in the house..

    Hi Tanya. Welcome from Indiana
  11. I deal with the public and a lot of factory's around us. With the factory's I don't get a upfront deposit with them due to them being on a pay cycle. Never had a problem with them. But with public or a family member etc. I get a up front deposit.
  12. I'm sorry Jburns I didn't make myself clear on the headline. I have a customer wanted to know if i ever printed on reflective vinyl. They are looking for a sign to be printed to put at a corner on they factory lot. I haven't printed on the reflective before. I should have said if anyone has printed on it and how does it turn out on colors to be reflective. And what would you charge per sq ft. Once again sorry. Thanks
  13. Has anyone printed on reflective vinyl and how much you would charge per sq ft. Thanks